On a (bag) roll…

I couldn’t resist. I had to try my hand at one of those bags made from old jeans.

I dug out an old pair of mine and got to work. Again, free-hand out of nowhere.

jeanbag 001

jeanbag 002

Of course, this go round I had to screw up too. The handles aren’t aligned. I could have SWORN They were. Actually they are, the ZIPPER is what’s in crooked.

jeanbag 004

I have a secret: That’s not a stand-alone zipper. The ‘lining’ is actually part of a satin pillow cover, and I simply left the zipper in it! 😀 How’s THAT for ingenuity? Well, it apparently caused me to seat the lining crooked. Oh well. The bag looked fine til I zipped it. But I can still put it on my shoulder and that’s all that matters.

I even got it down to sewing down the handles:
jeanbag 003

Lessons learned: 1) don’t be too lazy to put a proper zipper in. It probably would have been easier to use a regular zipper. (I hadn’t planned on zipping this bag, but when I looked at the pillowcase I said hey, why not!)

2) use the damn marking chalk/pencil!! That could have made the difference in the placement of the handles. Speaking of handles, Thank you to everyone who told me to sew one short end of the handles so I could push the end inside out with a spoon handle. It worked!

3) always orient your pins to be facing you as you sew; this will keep you from poking yourself as you push your fabric along.
Overall, this was fun. I’m always learning something new. All that’s left is to hand-secure one corner of the lining and sew down the top of the jeans zipper and we’re done!



7 responses to “On a (bag) roll…

  1. I love it! who cares if it’s not perfect. Everyone will be jealous that it even exists and that it’s YOURS.

  2. It’s way better than I could ever do! I like the idea of the satin zippered pillowcase even if it didn’t work 100% to your liking.

    I sort of want to line my normal jeans in satin now. How good would that feel?!

  3. I’ve learned all those lessons many times over and I still choose to ignore them from time to time. I’m still stuck in a sewing bag rut and have yet to make a wearable garment. Oh well.

  4. Color me jealous! It looks awesome. I’m gonna have to hunt down a pair of old jeans now…..I think Dan’s got some he can’t wear anymore. 🙂

  5. so cool bean! And all free hand! I am so impressed! I cannot sew a straight line on a machine to save my life!!!
    Way to go !
    and I adore the lining!!!!!

  6. That is adorable. I tried doing that as well, but I keep getting birdsnest on the backside or underside of the fabric with the thread. everyone tells me it is tension but I have used every tension setting with the same result! Ug! But yours came out great, mine is in a heap in the corner.

  7. Well good for you! I thought it was a great idea using the satin pillowcase. Yikes on the pins…I’ve learned the hard way myself! You’re doing well, keep it up! Oh and warn your family to hide their jeans huh 😉

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