Sewing Lessons…

No, I’m not taking any. At least not yet. But last night I made my first free-hand tote bag from some leftover fabric used to line Roxy . Behold:

Cow Tote

Cow Tote

What do you think? 😉

If there’s anything this tote taught me, it’s that while I know more than I thought I did, I don’t know jack!!

About the sewing:

I worked with what I had on hand, and at the spur of the moment. The next bag will have a lining(ding!); I will measure how much fabric I intend to turn in to make the bottom gussets(ding!); I will use the correct hem stitches(that zig-zag stitch is ok but not in the color I used!); I won’t use interfacing on the handles–that made it much harder than it needed to be to turn them right-side-out!! And I might even put a zipper in. The seam ripper became my new best friend 😀

About the machine:

I like it!! I haven’t sewn on a machine in a few years at best, so a brand new machine seemed much faster than I remember. The dials are easily accessible, and the threading directions are practically drawn on the machine. My favorite thing about it: the automatic threader. It’s too neat for words! The only thing is I have to really look around the side to see the thread cutter. My old machine I could just feel for it. I guess I will be able to do it with this one too, in time.

Overall I’m glad I got it. To everyone who’s welcomed me to the world of sewing, Thank you!

Trixie and I are gonna have a LOT of fun adventures.


8 responses to “Sewing Lessons…

  1. Cool bag! I swear by interfacing the handles. I also swear by the end of a wooden spoon or a long bamboo knitting needle to turn them suckers inside out. If all else fails beat the handles against a wall, and slowly but surely it will turn, trust me!

    Good for you and your willingness to try a zipper. While not the most difficult of chores, I definitly do consider it a chore.


  2. i didn’t get a chance to congratulate you on your new machine. you’re going to have alot of fun!! =) your tote is super cute (love the cute cow motif)

  3. I love that fabric! Good for you, just do it! You learn as you go along, and from any mistakes!

  4. Shoot, for allegedly not knowing jack, the lining looks great!

  5. It looks great. Just a few tips. For handles, you can do a double fold of the fabric; just like double fold bias tape. Fold fabric in half; press; then fold fabric into the middle; press; then fold fabric back in half with outer edges inside. Once you fold your handle fabric, run a seam up both side of the handle. You can use interfacing with the double fold to make it sturdier.

    To make a tote stiffer, I use a product that I get at Joanns, which is like Timtex. It is really stiff–a stabilizer that is extra firm. To line the tote, check out Supereggplants tutorial on tote making. I think her tutorial includes a lining and turning it inside out.

    Sewing is my favorite, but I just don’t take the time. I must get back into my sewing projects–you’ve inspired me!

  6. Your bag looks a lot better than my first bag looked. I was going to suggest the folded handle thing that Rosa suggests. I swear by that for strips 2 inches or smaller.

    I would have to say that you’ve inspired us all. I feel bad for leaving my poor sewing machine locked up in the back of the closet all unloved and stuff. I just may have to sew something tonight to show her just how much I appreciate her. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  7. yayyy for the bag! It turned out great!

  8. YAY!

    A new hobby to obsess over! I like it.

    What’s next, pottery? Oil painting?

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