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Episode 16- Pointed Ramblings, New Hobbies

Episode 16 is now available

drawstring bag

Falling into Sewing and Baking (I’m getting domesticated, eek!)
Fabric/Sewing from a Knitter’s point of view
Resist-Dyeing technique
Running around Brooklyn lookin’ for fabric in all the wrong places(and some right places, too)


Resist Dyeing at Two Sheep

Knitscene Magazine at Interweave Press(This is where the CPH pattern came from, NOT Knit.1 magazine)

KitchenAid Mixers


Now, where was I?

It’s been about 3 weeks since the surgery and I’m doing a lot better. Getting around more and feeling almost no pain. I haven’t needed a painkiller in over 2 days(knock on wood). 🙂

To celebrate I cast on another pair of socks.

bmpprog 002

BMP socks

I’m going totally from stash with this. It was a rough start too. I was going for a sort of reverse look with a white background and I have this lone skein of ArtYarns Supermerino 4 that I hadn’t a clue what to do with. So I divied it 65/35 and dyed it two colors. It started out as yellow and I’d planned on making it orange and green. I must have added too much RIT or something because I wound up with red-orange and NAVY BLUE. Don’t ask. So much for that. So, I’ve subbed the ArtYarns with Lorna’s Laces, in Lorikeet.

Have you heard of Ravelry?


Slowly but surely, beta-tester invites are being extended to those who sign up for this really cool knitting and crochet community where users can interact in ways you never thought about! You can search for others who’ve used the same yarns you’re thinking of, worked the same patterns you’re planning on, and you can check others’ stashes, and patterns on their to-do list!! Discussion boards, avatars, and you can put in pics of your WIPs and FOs! Go sign up, or wait for the site to open to the public, which should be real soon!

I’m gearing up again for spinning. I’ve gotten quite a bit of new fibers to play with and I can’t wait to start experimenting with dyes and spinning up the results! I hope I don’t have anymore of those RIT accidents. 😉

I am by no means a food enthusiast; I just like to eat! The other day I ‘discovered’ a new snack: frozen seedless grapes. I went and bought a bag of grapes and put them in the freezer to speed chill them; I like my fruit cold as possible. I forgot them and well, they got frozen! But I took a few out, rinsed them(kinda forgot that part, oops!), and bit them..OMG I’m in heaven!! They’re so good!! Who knew! Crunchy like M&Ms but much healthier!! This is especially what I need, since I’m trying to get rid of all my excess weight.. now I can eat and not feel so guilty.

Sewing is on hold while I do more research on how to get things just right. But if you’re sewing-sick and need a fix, check out Dogged Knits, Oiyi’s Crafts, and Skip to my Lou, right there on the sidebar. And CooknKnit has a new sewing FO up as well. Go! And tell em I sent you. And well, no, they’ll probably see it in their blog stats anyway, hee.

Miss me?

I’m back got dammit. Hurt up and recovering but back. Just give me a little time. Surgery went well, and according to the doctor, everything in question is benign! I did lose some blood, and being anemic just makes that worse, but nothing along the lines of needing a transfusion.

Spinning by wheel(my preferred method) is still out for a bit so I might have to feed my crafting insanity with some new crochet(yeah, you read that right!) projects. I am also stewing up some sewing, though not a whole lot, as I don’t have a huge fabric stash (yet 😉 ) and pressing the pedal is tantamount to treadling a wheel. At least when I need to rest I can stitch or hook away while sitting up in bed–no feet needed.

The Gift of Friendship is truly that, as while I was recuperating in the hospital I got some lovely and exciting gifts from knitting friends. Among them were a beautiful bouquet of flowers(damn, why didn’t I take a pic!?) and “Teach Yourself Visually… Handspinning”! Thank you ladies, so much for your generosity and kindness. You made my heart smile! I’ve browsed the book and will do a more involved review in a future post.

I did manage to eek out a dress before going into the hospital:

wrap dress 003

This is my rendition of the One-seam Convertible dress, as found here. Keep in mind it’s not HER pattern but rather her interpretation of such type of dress and showing us how we can make our own. ThangQ Rowena!!
It’s been a long time since I sewed clothing for myself and after seeing the many dresses made from her tutorial I had to give it a shot. I cut my head out of the pic because I was tired and deranged looking.

The dress(or rather my skills in making this dress) need improvement. I’ve since picked up some tips on how to get better coverage for an undergarment, and I also learned a little more about fabric stretch and how it can really fark up a pattern 🙂 I had another RagShop coupon to use so I just grabbed what I liked. I need to slow down next time I go fabric shopping.

As for knitting, speaking of the Gift of Friendship, I took the scarf with me so I could work on it while in my hospital room. No, I’m not crazy taking lace to work on while on strong pain meds; the pattern is easy enough to remember that you can tell when you are in the repeats so as not to make a mistake. I spent more time zonked out than knitting anyway, but managed to put some miles on it, so it’s definitely longer than the last time you saw it. I probably won’t photograph it again for the blog until it’s done.

In the meantime, I’m also making progress on another pair of plain socks. Gotta use up that stash! Koigu PPPM in a color I don’t remember. Bought this way back in 2005 when I was full of that shop called Purl. I tried knitting something with it before, so I’ve since lost the ball band. (I need to stop DOING that!).

Well that’s it for this one. On with recovery!

ETA: OMG these pain meds must be better than I thought! Where’s my brain? To all the blogging, crafting moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!(US)

No pics, just blather


Ok I lied. Here’s a picture. The finished Scrap Socks for eldest child. Modeled on youngest child,
’cause she’s available. It’s hard to get models around these parts 🙂

Stats: ScrapSocks(my own concoction) on 48 stitches with ankle shaping(more on that later)
Yarn: Leftovers of Koigu PPPM and overdyed Kroy sock yarns
Needle: Addi Turbo 40″ US1(2.5mm) w/ Magic Loop technique
Started: 4/23 Finished 4/26

So, I tried ankle shaping and realized that was a bad idea when kiddo had a hard time getting her foot past it. Yeah. On the second sock I still did decreases, but not as many. The yarn is sort of stretchy so she can wear them anyway, with no real problems. It’s starting to warm up good here, so I don’t know how much use she’ll get out of them before her foot grows again in time for the fall.. well, I can always save them and pass them down to lil’ sis, right?

Then, for me:
Sockotta socks done

Stats: Plain Old Socks(again, my own ‘design’) on 56 stitches.
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta colorway 6673
Needle: Addi Turbo 40″ US1(2.5mm) w/ Magic Loop technique
Started: 4/18 Finished 4/21

Nothing much to say about these. They fit ok, but the cotton/wool blend doesn’t impress me. I understand these can be worn all year long because of the content, but apparently the nylon in it isn’t enough to take away from the tacky, non-stretchy feel of cotton. Everyone talks about the softness of some cottons; it would appear the cotton used in these is the same as that rough dishcloth cotton instead of a more premium fiber. Oh well.

It’s official: I’m a fabric addict.

Fat Quarter O Rama

The yellow fixings are for a DPN case. I have to get a few more yards of this and that for this project. The lavendar stuff is for, you guessed it, another tote bag. I need some notions for this as well, before I can start. The little bundle wrapped in gold ribbon is some other fat quarters I will strip up for headbands and kerchiefs. I love wearing those. I love knitting, but knitting these two items seems so… I don’t know. I just am not fond of it. The strip of elastic is for the quilted knee socks that won’t stay up. I got a good deal on all these goodies..

I was at RagShop the other day, with a 40%-off-one-item jobbie and ready to rumble. There was another fat quarter bundle and a few patterns in the basket as well, but… Got to the register and learned I’d misread the date(or lost track of my days) because the coupon had expired! Dammit! So some things had to go back. After I’d paid the cashier handed me a future coupon for 30% off your entire purchase of non-sale items. And the damn thing was for THAT DAY! Yes, I did. Made her undo everything so I could get the discount. I still didn’t take what I’d decided to leave behind. I can always go back and get some more later, right? What would have cost me $25 came down to less than $18. DEAL!

Also, you may have noticed I had the Spiral Socks from “Socks Socks Socks” on the needles. I was originally using that Plymouth yarn and it just wasn’t working. So I went to the plain sock you see above. I didn’t even bother to update the listing; just removed it totally. I’ve learned to just leave the fancy patterning to plain colors or lightly variegated yarns.. them self-stripe-jacquarding joints don’t work. Rarely, if at all. So that’s that.

Anything else in the list is coming along slowly but surely, thanx for asking! 🙂

As an addendum: I am anticipating major surgery next Friday. I will need to take it easy but I will still be around. No. I’m not crazy. Really. 🙂 Since all I can do is sit, I may even holler at you on the BeanCast. So look out for that.

Happy Weekend!

On a (bag) roll…

I couldn’t resist. I had to try my hand at one of those bags made from old jeans.

I dug out an old pair of mine and got to work. Again, free-hand out of nowhere.

jeanbag 001

jeanbag 002

Of course, this go round I had to screw up too. The handles aren’t aligned. I could have SWORN They were. Actually they are, the ZIPPER is what’s in crooked.

jeanbag 004

I have a secret: That’s not a stand-alone zipper. The ‘lining’ is actually part of a satin pillow cover, and I simply left the zipper in it! 😀 How’s THAT for ingenuity? Well, it apparently caused me to seat the lining crooked. Oh well. The bag looked fine til I zipped it. But I can still put it on my shoulder and that’s all that matters.

I even got it down to sewing down the handles:
jeanbag 003

Lessons learned: 1) don’t be too lazy to put a proper zipper in. It probably would have been easier to use a regular zipper. (I hadn’t planned on zipping this bag, but when I looked at the pillowcase I said hey, why not!)

2) use the damn marking chalk/pencil!! That could have made the difference in the placement of the handles. Speaking of handles, Thank you to everyone who told me to sew one short end of the handles so I could push the end inside out with a spoon handle. It worked!

3) always orient your pins to be facing you as you sew; this will keep you from poking yourself as you push your fabric along.
Overall, this was fun. I’m always learning something new. All that’s left is to hand-secure one corner of the lining and sew down the top of the jeans zipper and we’re done!


Sewing Lessons…

No, I’m not taking any. At least not yet. But last night I made my first free-hand tote bag from some leftover fabric used to line Roxy . Behold:

Cow Tote

Cow Tote

What do you think? 😉

If there’s anything this tote taught me, it’s that while I know more than I thought I did, I don’t know jack!!

About the sewing:

I worked with what I had on hand, and at the spur of the moment. The next bag will have a lining(ding!); I will measure how much fabric I intend to turn in to make the bottom gussets(ding!); I will use the correct hem stitches(that zig-zag stitch is ok but not in the color I used!); I won’t use interfacing on the handles–that made it much harder than it needed to be to turn them right-side-out!! And I might even put a zipper in. The seam ripper became my new best friend 😀

About the machine:

I like it!! I haven’t sewn on a machine in a few years at best, so a brand new machine seemed much faster than I remember. The dials are easily accessible, and the threading directions are practically drawn on the machine. My favorite thing about it: the automatic threader. It’s too neat for words! The only thing is I have to really look around the side to see the thread cutter. My old machine I could just feel for it. I guess I will be able to do it with this one too, in time.

Overall I’m glad I got it. To everyone who’s welcomed me to the world of sewing, Thank you!

Trixie and I are gonna have a LOT of fun adventures.