I lied. Sorta.

I know I said there was “Nothing new in the knitting front” yesterday, but that was before I got to check out the NEW KNITTY!

I want to make this and this and this. And that’s just for starters. Picture me knitting like a fiend to finish up the WIPs I have going now so I can start these. Let’s discuss for a bit:

Little Slip. A knitter can never have too many bags. I haven’t decided what yarns I’ll use for this but it’s definitely gonna be stash. In fact I DO have some worsted weight Lamb’s Pride and that’s what’ll be used. I think slip stitching is a fun, easy way to do color work in knitting and this bag showcases it well. My first experience with slip stitch was with the Crusoe socks and while it worked well, the yarn’s variegation doesn’t really show the magic of slip stitch work.

Cablenet. Who doesn’t need another pair of handknit socks? I only have a few sock yarns in solid colors. And most of those are just one ball, not enough to really make a pair of socks for my feet unless they’re only anklets. Sure I’ve got lots of the Jacquard yarns I can use to make kids socks and that’s what those will become. I guess I could make Cablenet in kid’s size but we’re not ready to wrap our brains around that just yet. I’ve done patterns before which use a mock cable or mini-cable that doesnt require a cable needle. There’s an article in this issue of Knitty, that describes how to knit them, but the specific instructions for Cablenet are included in the pattern.

Woooo, Tamara(h). See, I like this one most because it’s me. Almost literally. It’d be my first modular project. Well, no I take that back. Perhaps a Multi-directional scarf is sort of on the order of this wrap, and I swatched one once just to see how it worked. I’m gonna have a time of finding good sub yarns, but that’s just like me, to change things up sometimes. This adds new meaning to the phrase, “Go Knit Yourself!” 🙂

TTFN, gonna get to knittin’!!


7 responses to “I lied. Sorta.

  1. I’m loving those cablenet socks too! Perhaps a knit-along is in order…

  2. Just finish stuff first. 😉

  3. Well, there ya go. Just when you thought it was safe …


  4. See Tamarah is the new Clapotis.

  5. I totally thought of you when I saw Tamarah!

    You need to knit it!


    And socks…I’ll knit the mini cablenet socks if you do!

  6. I like all those, too. But I really have a knitting jones for Serrano. I NEED to make that.

  7. What Val said. 🙂

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