NYC Knit Out Crochet Too! 2006

Yep, I got to go this year. It was a close call, what with finding a reliable(and willing sitter). I’m so glad I begged was willing to offer a few dollars, for a little time away for me.

So, On with the show!

I got to hang out with some of my favorite knitty friends, and meet some I’d never met before.

There’s Jas(Artsygal) with Karen(cooknknit) when our little group met inside Union Square park, behind the actual KOCT festivities. Oh how beautiful that hank of blue Artsygal yarn was..

Jas(Artstygal), Tania(mikomiao), Valerie(costumechick), Michelle(tinymich), and a slice of Amy(Weaselrina); Val was working on a Kiri, in the exact same shade of the exact same yarn I am. I joked that I should have brought mine to switch it because she’s further along on it than I am.. hehehe

Tania again, and Maria(The Shizzknit), at the KOTC.

Finally, we have Nancy(Ajastoy), Amy(Weaselrina), and Valerie(alerievay), over there taking my pic too! If you want to see what she was aiming at go here.

I had a ball meeting and knitting with these lovely ladies.. I don’t have pics of, but I also got to meet, AKKnitter, and her mom, Rosi G., Necia, and a host of others who are not Knittyboard members.. yet(oh, we’ll GET you Pam, just you wait. :))

I got to spin a little, knit on Sizzle–of which the back is done, and I’m past the hem on the front– and yack a lot! It was a big ole outdoors Stitch And Bitch-o-rama, and I can’t wait to do it again. And when it was all over.. I got to hit up Trader Joes! I’d been hearing about this place and didn’t know one was here til a week or so ago. Now, I’m not a wine enthusiast in the least, but I couldn’t resist the Two-Buck-Chuck, an affectionate name for the Charles Shaw wines TJ’s sells. I’ve yet to taste it, thanx to not owning a corkscrew(go ahead, laugh), but I’m sure Hubby and I can get in a late dinner tonight and just be ‘a couple’ for a little while, once the Beanlets are in bed.

Whoo.. what fun! Now, for RHINEBECK!



8 responses to “NYC Knit Out Crochet Too! 2006

  1. Yay! I wish I’d gone to TJ’s, too!

  2. Yay! Rhinebeck!

    Thank you for capturing not so bad photos of me. 🙂

  3. Awww, I just read you, Val, and Karen, and it looks like it was so much fun!

    I wish I could go!

    Trader Joe’s rocks! Glad you finally made it!

  4. Way cool seeing everyone’s faces and that you had a great time!

    **jealous** that I missed the Knitout, but then there was that 6 hour flight….sigh, oh, well!

  5. Seems like you met the whole gang…..except for me! I wish I knew you were there, girl I would’ve hunted you down. Just kidding. I’m sorry we missed each other. Oh well, there’s always Rhinebeck.

  6. Hey LaBean,

    Tell me more about this TJ wine? I love me some wine. I’m a firm believer in throwing someone a few dollas to keep an eye out on my little me. I really do believe they watch them better!


  7. You don’t have a wine tool? Holy crap!

  8. Yay Tamara,,, so nice to meet you. I’m just sorry I lost the whole group. Thats whatcha get when you go with a non-knitting, non-crocheting person! And I wanted to spin with you too!

    Stayed away from Trader Joe’s. There’s one about 1o mins from my house, dangerous for me to go in there, like most yarn shoppes!

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