Not much to say.. Just Lookie :)

I got the final package from my SP3 the other day. My SP has clearly outdone herself this time. I cried when I opened the box and found these:

a pair of folding scissors, a crochet hook, a tapemeasure(can never have too many of those!), some fruit snacks, a copy of INKnitters(a mag for hand and machine knitters), and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac!!  Both of these publications  have something about double knitting in them, which I’d like to try my hand at one of these days.

Also, she sent me this! :

NeedlehangerYes, My very own hanging circ needle holder!! Seven MADE this herself! I’m awestruck. Check out the detail on the top: 

And last but not least. All these goodies came in THIS : The_bag_1

Also hand-made by Seven herself! It’s beautiful and I love it! It’s about to become my summer carry-all. There’s a little pouch there which the smaller items were in when everything came. Also in the package were some pieces of (I think) toile that are usually used to fluff up skirts. The girls will love playing with that.

Seven, I applaud your creativity and generosity. I don’t imagine it would have occured to me to go such lengths for a basic stranger but you’ve shown me there ARE people in this world who truly give a damn. I will enjoy each and every one of these gifts you’ve given me. I thank you.

This is the bag in use today:

I got to go to The Point again, to meet CookNKnit and this is us!


We sat for a while, knitted and chatted and had a good ole time. I worked on X-back a little


and this, which will become a more ‘complete’ thong sock
Thongsock_and_fullthongsock— I like the original concept but I just prefer to have a heel and ankle portion to my socks. And I can use up the sock yarns I’ve had sitting for a long time!  The aqua blue is completed pair of thong socks, finished in about two days.

That’s it for now. 🙂


2 responses to “Not much to say.. Just Lookie :)

  1. Ahhhh. Now I am happy. You liked it. For the kids fabric, you can cut pieces and use those stretchy fabric headbands as head rubber bands over the net. Then you can have a long trail, or be a pirate. I am so glad you like it and you had tears! You dont seem like a stranger really!

  2. love the new haircut! especially with the funky orange top! wish i could take that kind of leap.

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