I’ve been thinking. About my knitting. I’ve picked up interest in some patterns and dropped interest in others. Belle Epoque being one of them. You read right. It just doesn’t grab me anymore. I’ve decided it’s time to start knitting things that I want to KNIT, not just things I want to WEAR. Belle is taking too long for my patience. Does this mean I’ll never knit another pullover? No. But that tiny-ass yarn is driving me NUTTO. Socks, baby things, maybe. But not adult size clothing. I’m still trying to figure out what drugs I was on when I decided I was going to knit Belle. Now I’ll have all that yarn to do something else with; something I’ll like more. I’ve just discovered so much other good stuff I’d rather be working on.

My time is much more limited than when I first learned to knit. Add to that other things I like to do and there’s hardly time for the kind of knitting I used to do. Hell, I could be knitting and I’m busy typing this. I had to think long and hard about parting ways with some of the stuff I THOUGHT I wanted to do. Thankfully I didn’t attempt to START them all. CPRRL will get finished. In time for Winter. Big Sack is behind me. And those were on medium needles with medium yarns. I’m really digging chunky/bulky yarns. But then there’s socks. I love socks. I’ve just been so lazy. I still need to shave Buttonhole Bag so I can take her outside. There’s 3 balls of Reynolds Saucy I used to start a top last year but didn’t want to finish. I can rip that and make it into something else too.

Then there’s this iPod cozy I’m making up as I go. It’s going to be felted. I think. I have some other little items I’d like to knit but I won’t mention them here. At least now with a tighter budget I’ll have to knit from stash or not knit at all. And you know what’s really sad? I don’t know for sure if I’m even upset about that. I look at my stash and just want to knit it all. I’ll look at patterns and go "Oooh I wanna try that!, but I don’t have that in my stash and I can’t afford to buy the yarn, so oh well…". Then I look at all my WIPS and UFO’s and get depressed. I used to finish stuff. Now? Ugh. Don’t ask. I’m just GRUMPY.


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