Don’t worry, this post is in English.

So yeah. I’m learning Russian. I don’t know for sure which will be easier; reading, writing, speaking, or understanding someone else’s speaking. Oh and printing the letters is a whole different story from writing them in cursive. Oh boy. In the last title, you’ll notice what looks like a lower case ‘m’. It’s not. It’s a T. Don’t ask lol.

On with the knitting: I got a pic of Big Sack for you. So nyah:

Hubby cut off my head. I think the 8-year-old takes better pictures. I thought I’d finished up the second sleeve to CPRRL but I didn’t. I did, however, bind off the Pinwheel baby blanket, but it’s not nearly as big as I’d hoped. This after 3 skeins of the yarn. Perhaps next time I’ll use a heavy worsted or a chunky yarn. Those would make the blanket knit up faster and wider. It’s acrylic so blocking is basically useless, so maybe a few rounds of crochet will help it lay flat.

In other knitting news: I’ve cast on for X-back(on a crowded bus, no less!), and I’m about two inches in. I’m worried I’ll need a liner for the way it’ll stretch open in order for me to wear it. It could also be the yarn I’m using, Lion Brand Incredible. If this X-back fits but stretches open too much, then I’ll have to find a different yarn and try again(can you say Elann?). Speaking of Lion Brand, I just woke up from this crazy dream where I was in a big thrift store that sold lots of yarn and knit/crocheted sweaters.. And I’m running through the aisles with my 3 kids in tow, searching desperately for Fun Fur. My plan was to use it to decorate some  Old Navy flipflops I got 2 for $5 the other day. lol. I woke up, rummaged my stash, thinking I’d actually bought some. I only have hot pink. lol. My flipflops are beige and black. So much for that.

See Bean?            

New_braidsSee Bean now!    

Shave it all off. Almost. It was just getting too hot and having to pin it up at work all the time made it not so cute. And to think, these were extension braids. I don’t know how people with naturally long hair can deal with it.  This way, it’s just so much quicker, spritz and go. In fact, it’s time for me to go. Later!!


6 responses to “Don’t worry, this post is in English.

  1. i love your new cut!

  2. Its so modern, your hair! Isnt it easy, 2 of my girls have shaved or short hair. I can so see doing it. However, I am growing mine long to make up for it.
    I hope your box comes I hope it comes soon I hope it comes today. Other boxes got to their new homes yesterday. I hope yours comes right now!!!!

  3. SO cute! I can’t wait to see it in person on Sunday! 🙂

  4. SO cute! I can’t wait to see it in person on Sunday! 🙂

  5. In spite of Hubby’s camera skillz, Big Sack looks comfy! And your new haircut looks great – you have a beautiful smile.

  6. Somehow I missed your haircut when you posted this. That is seriously cute! I had long hair to below my shoulders till a few years ago, then chopped it off; much easier.

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