You want fries with that?

Believe it or not, there are other things that interest me besides knitting. I like to read(though naturally, knitting kind of makes that hard to do at the same time), listen to music, and play with my beloved hamsters. Of course there’s also the mothering, and wifing and all that good stuff. Check out these other, non-knitting goodies.

Janet Evanovich –Home page of one of my favorite authors.

Cute Overload — More cuteness, about all sorts of animals

IFP Metric Conversion Tables –I sometimes use this to help me convert American measurements to the metric system.

AllRecipes — One of the many online recipe catalogs I’ve visited, and my personal favorite. — Interested in purchasing items from a foreign country? I’ve done it before, with the help of this currency converter.

NY Daily News –Simply put, New York’s hometown paper

The NY Times –Ahem, New York’s Other paper(registration required for some articles, paid subscription required for some articles and features.) — Where I usually go for my weather forecasts