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Episode 17.5– News!!

Episode 17.5 is ready.

Thanks to SpinnDiva of Rambling Designs!!

Ms Bean's Shawl

She designed this beautiful shawl and named it after me!! Then turned around, knit one, and sent it to me. In my favorite color!! I can’t thank you enough, SpinnDiva!! We fiber crafters are something else!

Please check out her site and tell her I sent you!

KnitsnThings has a neat way to get around your spinning ADD: Check it out! I love it!

Also, Need fiber pr0n? Have a look-see at:

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the “Show me” thread in Spinner Central at Ravelry;
The Fiber Friday threads (as well as other threads) in the Spinning section of!!

Newest books:
Pretty Little Patchwork (
A is for Apron (

Since there is no specific website for Save-A-Thon craft and fabric stores I’ll list the addresses here:

2452 Flatbush Avenue (near Ave U)
824 Flatbush Avenue (bet. Caton and Linden)
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166-07 Jamaica Avenue(between 166 and 167)
9 East Fordham Road(near Jerome)
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Episode 15— 2008– NO FEAR, Books! and my ‘design’

Episode 15 is ready for your enjoyment!

All subsequent regular blog posts are now at the New Blog!! The House of Wool Repute!!

Lace designing books

Creating Original Hand-Knitted Lace, by Margaret Stove

Knitting Lace Triangles, by Evelyn A. Clark

My Sources of Inspiration:
Evelyn A. Clark

Miriam L. Felton




There are FO’s to show.

I never mentioned them here because I finished them so fast.

Pair number 1

Fetching two

Pair number 2

I did each of these in one or two days, over the last week. Fetching is very fast and easy and a cinch to adjust. Just ask me, who accidentally left out a row between cable rows on the first pair. Then I decided to make a 4th cable row and add a few more rows before the thumbhole on the second pair.

I’ll be making more of these just because it’s a nice-looking, simple pattern. I’m was debating adding fingerholes because the first pair, I did the picot bind-off and it flares out like nobody’s business. I’m not to thrilled with that. So on the next pair I just did a Russian Bind-off in purl and that solved the problem.. And also, as an aside, WTF is up with thumbholes? I have such a time getting them to look right with all the picking up of stitches. It’s as if I never pick up the right amount, or in the right place. On with the info:

Fetching 1:
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Uros Aran in Mocha
Needles: 3.75mm birch DPNs
Started: 9/12/07
Finished: 9/13/07
Mods: None

Fetching 2:
Yarn: my own handspun Merino/Tencel 50/50 Navajo(3ply) in Roses For You(Susan’s Spinning Bunny)
Needles: 3.75mm birch DPNs
Started: 9/14/07
Finished: 9/16/07
Mods: added fourth pattern row, added extra palm rows before thumbhole and Russian bind-off

I also finally bound off the Panta headband. Sadly, just like Calorimetry, it’s not really meant for my head. It needs hair hanging out the back and that’s just not me. Might as well have made a hat.
Panta (side)

Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, Tomato
Needles: 4.5mm Susan Bates Straights(and the 4.5mm Denises! YAY!)
Started: 8/31/07
Finished: 9/17/07 (Why did this take me so long?!)
Mods: None. There is supposedly another version of the pattern somewhere on the net. So if this looks different, the one you’ve seen might be the other pattern.

So that’s that. As for spinning, I’ve finished spinning and plied the dark Finn and it’s drying as I type this. Next up I’ve got the lime green Alpaca/silk/wool blend fiber from Little Barn, but my old standby BFL is calling my name. I’ve got quite a bit of it.. Then there’s the Ugly Batt Nancy gave me still up there teasing me, and all the goodies Karen just gave me. Dammit. 😀

Happy Fiber-ing!

I swear my place is haunted…

It has to be. Things keep moving when they shouldn’t. I hear things move or fall when I’m the only person home/awake. It’s mind boggling. And they did it again.

Yesterday, Karen and I hung out with the kids at a park and I took some pictures(hold your horses). Then I get home and go to take the pics off the camera and can’t find my damn cord to connect it to the computer. Yeah. Tore up the bedroom(or so I thought) and still no dice. Made me mad. Went online and checked the Canon site for accesories and damn if that thing wasn’t on BACKORDER–WTF?.. I almost wound up legging it to RadioShack today but something told me to check hubby’s side of the bed–against the wall– and wouldn’t you know it? There it was. I’m tellin you, I have a ghost in this place… Anyhoo, on with the show:

Hedera feet
Hedera, done! This was a fairly easy knit after all. No major complaints about the pattern and the yarn held up well after a soak. I’d do this one again. You might notice that one cuff has the twisted rib and the other doesn’t. I hate twisted rib. But then when I started the second sock I figured to give it a go because it DID make the sock look better. It’s a bitch to knit though.

hedera done

Pattern: Hedera
Yarn: KnitPicks Sock Memories in Paper Dolls(discontinued)
Needle: KnitPicks Options US1(2.25mm) on the Magic Loop
Start: 8/27/07
Finish: 9/6/07
Mods: None really, other than the different cuff on one and my usual shortening of the heel flap.
Special Observation(s): Why does it seem like all of Cookie A’s patterns require you to shift stitches around? I’m not talking about the usual type of shifting like, ‘move stitches to x needle to hold while doing heel’, I’m talking about moving stitches over to rearrange the starting point or your whole thing’ll be wonked.

I encountered that in Pomatomus, Monkey and now these. Not complaining much, just an observation.

Then there’s:
Cabled sock
‘Grey’ Cabled Socks

I started this with the cable going the other way. I don’t use a cable needle anymore and I find the C4F easier to do than the C4B. So I called myself being SMRT and using the C4F and it just didn’t sit right. My guess is, the designer still uses a cable needle(as if that’ll change the outcome) or she swatched and learned what I did. Either way, lesson learned.

That’s Fortissma Socka color 1008 that Cristi gifted me. Thank you again, Cristi! I like this light orangey-colorway. It’ll wipe away the gloomy come winter.

Also, at the park(forgot about that huh?) there was spinning:


Finn fiber from Misty Mountain Farm, via Rhinebeck. Yes, it’s been about a year and I STILL have fiber from last year. I’m not going this year so I can work on these and pretend I just got it. 🙂 I usually love Finn fiber but not this one. I haven’t spun roving in quite a while; I finally got the hang of spinning top a while back and started spinning that more. However it’s not the fiber prep technique I don’t like, it’s the fact that there’s so much VM left in this stuff. Their cream colored Finn fiber didn’t present like this. I guess they figure the dark color can hide the poop and no one will be the wiser. Well, sorry. I found it. I’ll keep it but it’s gonna need some major SOAKING before I knit with it.

I’ve also got some natural dark Cotswold curls on another bobbin.. It’s got quite a bit of Lanolin still in it, and makes for sticky spinning. But it’s coming out fairly ok.

And I recently completed the Bubblegum Romney fiber I got from Spunky Eclectic. Again, I’m no fan of Romney but I loved the colors and I’m glad I got to experience it. There will be pics of that next post.

Ok, done rambling for now.

New Lessons…

Warning: Long, almost pictureless post ahead. Proceed with caution. Mucho cussin, too.

You think you know knitting. You think you know how things are usually going to work. You can accept defeat but only so much. And so it was with this sock yarn…

I bought 4 skeins of Artyarns Ultramerino4 in the hopes of making some knee-high jaywalkers. The plan was to start at the toe and keep knitting, and increasing as it goes up my calf. I cast on 68 stitches because experience has taught me(there I go knowing shit again…) that 76 stitches for a stockinette(or in this case, mostly stockinette) sock is too many and the sock will be too big on my foot. So, after careful calculations I started with 68 stitches. And all hell broke loose.

The pattern just wasn’t knitting up the way I’d liked. I knew this wasn’t a true striping yarn, but I figured that Jays were the perfect sock to break up the pooling associated with this type of variegated yarn. It works on lots of other yarns, and even some other knitter’s FO made WITH the same brand of yarn. But the ‘striping’ just didn’t look right.

Jay Kneehigh

So I ripped and restarted on 76 stitches and damn. The ‘striping’ seemed more tolerable, but, as I figured it was just too damn big. So. I gave that up.

I then tried to use that yarn in another stitch pattern and it just wasn’t coming out right either. And then it hit me. The twist. It’s the freaking twist(or ply). Because of the way the yarn is made it’s very sproingy. Sproingy as if there was elastic in it, but not stretchy, if you know what I mean. It is, after all, Merino yarn. So, I’ve decided that this yarn will not work for anything other than a plain stockinette sock. Fuqq-0-rama. Well, it’s a good thing I really like the colorway. That’ll teach my ass to buy things just because I like the colors!

Moral of the story: Leave the damn yarn. You SPIN now..

Then, speaking of spinning, last week I went to hang with Karen and spin. I took the bus there and back. When I got home I was tired and didn’t want to fuss with dragging my wheel back into my room, which requires negotiation of a narrow space between a bookshelf and a wall. So, I left it in the living room for two days. Of course, when I went to get the wheel and bring it in I noticed the thumbscrew for the flyer was missing. I cussed about how SugarBoogers probably was playing with my flyer and the screw fell out. I looked all over the living room and didn’t find it. Then I figured I’d lost it on the bus. I would notice that sometimes the flyer shaft would just spin around while the bus was moving. The last time I took the bus with Dutchie, I took the flyer off and kept it in my bag. But this time I figured I’d leave it on so the flyer shaft didn’t poke anyone. and what happens? I lose the damn screw..

So, after a week of not being able to spin I set out to Home Depot to get some replacements. Stood at the wall of screws and bolts for 30 minutes! with SugarBoogers in tow(Thank you, Monster-in-law, for not taking ALL 3 kids for the week. I ‘pree-shate’ that.). Came back with a little 5 pack of 8-32 3/4″ screws after looking like a common loon, trying to stuff the screws into the flyer hole(yes I took it with me) through the little plastic bag. –Only after doing all that did I see a peg board type thing with all the various screw sizes sticking out that I could have tried to put through the hole. —

Get home with the loot(after mopping up a SugarBoogers melt-down because I took the big-ass bag with the little-ass bag of screws in it from her—fuckin idjit cashier!! WhyTF would you give that to the child like that? You think I came all that way for SCREWS for her to LOSE THEM? You must not have any fuckin brains.–scuse me, getting carried away), and the screw is a perfect fit! Much better than the original, but, it’s a regular round head screw because they didn’t have thumbscrews in the size I needed. All I need is a nail file to tighten.. yehoo!!

And then after the two older kids come home and do a re-cleaning, what does middle child plop on my desk? You guessed it. The MF-ing thumbscrew.

The moral of the story: Put your shit away when you get home or parts will go missing.

(I can only guess at how many hits this post alone will generate because of the word ‘screw’. I also stood at the wall for 30 minutes because I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask ANY HD employees(especially the ugly ones) for a ‘screw’ LMAO. You see the danger in that.

But things aren’t too bad in the fiber world right now. I’ve accepted my defeats with the yarn and the *ahem*, and I’ve got a new shawl on the needles.. Yeah, you know it! I’m almost through with repeat 4 of rows 19-42 of Chart 1 on Icarus. I needed something where most of the shawl was mindless, so I decided to redo Iccy. The shawl is really beautiful and I’d like another color. I’m using tan/gray sock yarn for this one, but when overdyed it will be a deeper jewel-tone type color. I’m feeling this already. It is Aug 26. Think I’ll finished by Sept 1? 😉

So that’s it for this entry. Take it easy crafters. Don’t go crazy like me. 😉

WIPs and random thoughts

I promised a picture of the Lombard Street socks in progress so here it is:


Let me tell you that while it’s a pretty pattern, I don’t think I’ll knit it again. Granted the decreases and increase are inherent in lace knitting BUT, the juxtaposition of such in this particular pattern had me jacking up the stitch count something awful. There was much tinking and cussin with this sock. I give kudos to the heel flap though. Or at least it might be due to the yarn I’m using. There’s a little bit of a design there because of the slip stitching on the flap. Nice.

Lombard heelclose 002

Then there’s the newest addition to the WIPs list *blushing*:


A lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today. Strangely I don’t think this pattern HAS a title other than, ” Scarf with the open and solid diamond lace edging from Weldon’s, 1904″. So, that’s what it is. I’ll refer to it here on out as, “VLT scarf #1”. 🙂

If there are two things that this project makes me realize, it’s that 1) Dangly stitchmarkers ARE a pain in the ass, and 2) I really need a set of Options needles. I could use Crystal Palace circs to get a pointy tip but it’s a bamboo needle and I’d prefer a metal needle so the stitches will slide along easier. This is being done on a 4.0mm Addi turbo. I know Addi makes lace needles but at $15 a pop, no thanx. As for the markers, I say that because when I work the wrong side of the scarf I have to keep flipping the marker around to get it out of the way once I’ve knit it. If that makes any sense. Granted, when I made them, I probably used too many beads on it and the wire is not a soft enough gauge for a dangly. I’ll have to work on that; I DO like them but this is clearly too long and stiff not flexible enough. 🙂

As for previously mentioned WIPs, Stripedy is going to be worked on more once it cools off some. The Badia top is going to be ripped. I just don’t have it in me right now to make a lot of changes to something. What started out with accidentally knitting more length than the pattern called for at a certain point, I was trying to turn into extra length to account for the hikeage that normally occurs in the front of some of my tops. My measurements per the pattern were way off but I was going to work around that and use it to my ‘advantage’. Then I got distracted with other stuff and found myself preferring to knit the new things. I think the yarn is also the problem. I just can’t seem to find anything to do with that SWTC Bamboo. If it were variegated I’d do another Clapotis but it’s plain and I know that’ll bore me to tears. *sigh*…

I have an announcement. I have in my posession, 24 silk hankies, sent to me by Cordelia. Thank you Muggy! Now the thing is, how to DYE them for spinning.

I’m thinking of dividing them up into 4 sets and doing 4 colors each. My hope is to spin the colors in one order, and then go back the other way. Of course I’d have to do this twice so that there’s enough for two of whatever I make. Could be socks, could be MITTENS! I could spin up some black merino and ply it with that to get a stained glass-type effect. But, what colors?

Decisions, decisions.

Til next time!

FO Show ‘n’ Tell

I know I was supposed to do a WIP post on Friday. It just wasn’t happening. I’ll tell you what DID happen, though.

I met up with the gals at The Point and we had a jolly good time. There was wine and snacks and knitting to work on. But worry not, no one messed up because of the liquor! 🙂

While I was there I got to finish up the Monkey socks I was working on:

monkeysocks 001

These were a fast, addictive knit. And I got to try something I didn’t think was possible: a heel flap that would actually FIT. I know, that sounds crazy. But in the past, the heel flaps I’ve knit never stayed put. They’d be sliding all over the place and would bunch up in my shoes. Something told me to shorten the flap before turning the heel. I figured, ‘what have I got to lose?’, and set to. It worked! I will now knit less rows of the flap before turning the heel on heel flap socks. I still love my short row heels though, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes, the ‘lines’ of a sock work better when you use a heel flap instead of a different heel. So I’m a bit more open-minded about using flaps on my socks.

Pattern: Monkey Socks
For: Me!
Yarn: Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Socka in light blue(color # 1004)
Started: July 22, 2007
Finished: July 27, 2007
Mods: Shortened the heel flap to 20 rows to fit my heel better.

Before I left the house that day I got lucky:

Get your mind out of the gutter, that’s not what I meant! 😉

I found this yarn in a bag hanging on my bedroom shelf. I swear I didn’t mean to hide it from myself but that’s apparently what I did. I was using this Koigu along with another color to knit 4 socks at one time on a very long circular. That didn’t work out so I cut two skeins loose and put them aside. In that bag. And forgot about them LOL. I was digging in there because that’s where I hide my camera batteries. I felt around and was like, “Oh Shit! I had this here all this time?!”.

I took the yarn with me, but didn’t cast on as I wasn’t too sure what pattern to use. I’ve chosen the Lombard Street socks for the yarn and I’m already done with one but I’ll show you those on Friday if I do get around to a WIPs post. Besides, I got distracted by some ooooh-ahhh Artyarns in colorway 140. I caught a nice deal, with 25% off and pretty much got one skein free. Because I got 4. Yes, I know. hee. They’ll be some banging knee-length Jaywalkers when I get around to figuring the calf shaping.

Where my spinners at? I gots something for you!


This is what became of the “Sarabella” 100% Merino fiber from Spunky Eclectic(link on sidebar). I planned on spinning for a sock yarn and I guess I COULD use it for socks, but it’s only about 200 yards. I knew that Navajo-plying would reduce the yardage by 2/3, but I didn’t know how much I started with. I tried to spin very fine but apparently, that wasn’t fine enough because it amounts to what would be a sport weight yarn. So, it will become something OTHER than socks. *sigh*. Had I known how much I had I would have 2-plied. Dammit. 🙂

Finally, another FO for you. Behold!: White Lion Cloth( Grrr from

It’s Grrr. 🙂 I needed a break from all the tiny needles I’d been working with lately. So I figured I’d go with some worsted weight cotton. I don’t know what I was thinking, that’s just as bad for my hands! But. Lookie! I know SugarBoogers will like her morning bath more once she sees that. I hope. The loop stitch was rather fiddly but after a while it was second nature. I might go up a needle size the next time I make one of these; make it a little bigger.

Pattern: Grrr washcloth
For: SugarBoogers
Yarn: good ole’ Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in basic white, plus a smidge of Austermann Mayfair in navy for the ‘face’
Started: July 31, 2007
Finished: same day!
Mods: None, really. I think I fooked up the row order somewhere after the face section but it ain’t gonna matter in a billion years, will it? 😉

That’s all, for now!