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There are FO’s to show.

I never mentioned them here because I finished them so fast.

Pair number 1

Fetching two

Pair number 2

I did each of these in one or two days, over the last week. Fetching is very fast and easy and a cinch to adjust. Just ask me, who accidentally left out a row between cable rows on the first pair. Then I decided to make a 4th cable row and add a few more rows before the thumbhole on the second pair.

I’ll be making more of these just because it’s a nice-looking, simple pattern. I’m was debating adding fingerholes because the first pair, I did the picot bind-off and it flares out like nobody’s business. I’m not to thrilled with that. So on the next pair I just did a Russian Bind-off in purl and that solved the problem.. And also, as an aside, WTF is up with thumbholes? I have such a time getting them to look right with all the picking up of stitches. It’s as if I never pick up the right amount, or in the right place. On with the info:

Fetching 1:
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Uros Aran in Mocha
Needles: 3.75mm birch DPNs
Started: 9/12/07
Finished: 9/13/07
Mods: None

Fetching 2:
Yarn: my own handspun Merino/Tencel 50/50 Navajo(3ply) in Roses For You(Susan’s Spinning Bunny)
Needles: 3.75mm birch DPNs
Started: 9/14/07
Finished: 9/16/07
Mods: added fourth pattern row, added extra palm rows before thumbhole and Russian bind-off

I also finally bound off the Panta headband. Sadly, just like Calorimetry, it’s not really meant for my head. It needs hair hanging out the back and that’s just not me. Might as well have made a hat.
Panta (side)

Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, Tomato
Needles: 4.5mm Susan Bates Straights(and the 4.5mm Denises! YAY!)
Started: 8/31/07
Finished: 9/17/07 (Why did this take me so long?!)
Mods: None. There is supposedly another version of the pattern somewhere on the net. So if this looks different, the one you’ve seen might be the other pattern.

So that’s that. As for spinning, I’ve finished spinning and plied the dark Finn and it’s drying as I type this. Next up I’ve got the lime green Alpaca/silk/wool blend fiber from Little Barn, but my old standby BFL is calling my name. I’ve got quite a bit of it.. Then there’s the Ugly Batt Nancy gave me still up there teasing me, and all the goodies Karen just gave me. Dammit. 😀

Happy Fiber-ing!


She shops.. she SCORES!

That, I most certainly did.

Yesterday, Karen and Tania and I set out to the NJ Sheep and Wool Festival (Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival)l and had some good fun.

NJsheepwool 001

We landed here a little before noon, I think. I was operating on 3 hours! of sleep so forgive any errors. 😉 There were the usual staples; fiber vendors selling all manner of sheep, alpaca, rabbit and yak(fiber and livestock in some cases!); food vendors(not so much actually), and ready-made knit and woven crafts, as well as sheepherding demos and fleece and skein contests.

I’ve got a scad of pics for you right here(I know that’s what you really want 😉 ).

The other highlights of the festival were spinning on a Majacraft Little Suzie( that girl can GO!) and this: a little video I took of some ducks.

What I really wanna tell you is about that set of Denise Needles you see in the flickr set.

SCORE!! dude score!

The girls and I had heard about a lady not too far from the fairgrounds selling out her shop from her home. We did our deeds at the festival and ran straight for it. All kinds of yarny goodness, a bit of fiber(though nothing out of the ordinary–there was even an old Louet wheel!), a stack of back issues of Interweave Knit or Crochet, Knit Simple, you name it, and other non-craft related items..
And then I saw it… The Denise set. I looked in and at a glance all that seemed to be missing was the end caps and upon futher inspection(like, this morning? lol) I noticed the stitch holders are gone but damn if I didn’t get a hot deal.. All this for the sum of $3.50USD!!! Yes, you read that right. Mind you, the kind lady quoted it at a $1 but even I felt cheap too go for that so I offered $5 and we settled on $3.50!! I still can’t believe it! Granted, in the past I have mentioned that I wasn’t too thrilled with the Denise set but, I still have the long 50″ cord and right now the KP Options sets are just not in my budget right now. Maybe next year.

I was on a tight budget for this trip(it was last minute so that kept me from really binge shopping), but still managed to come home with some treats. Karen, ever so generous, had brought a box down with her and I got to take home the fibery goodies you see in the picture set. Go look! 😀

I’m gonna go play with it right now. See ya!

I swear my place is haunted…

It has to be. Things keep moving when they shouldn’t. I hear things move or fall when I’m the only person home/awake. It’s mind boggling. And they did it again.

Yesterday, Karen and I hung out with the kids at a park and I took some pictures(hold your horses). Then I get home and go to take the pics off the camera and can’t find my damn cord to connect it to the computer. Yeah. Tore up the bedroom(or so I thought) and still no dice. Made me mad. Went online and checked the Canon site for accesories and damn if that thing wasn’t on BACKORDER–WTF?.. I almost wound up legging it to RadioShack today but something told me to check hubby’s side of the bed–against the wall– and wouldn’t you know it? There it was. I’m tellin you, I have a ghost in this place… Anyhoo, on with the show:

Hedera feet
Hedera, done! This was a fairly easy knit after all. No major complaints about the pattern and the yarn held up well after a soak. I’d do this one again. You might notice that one cuff has the twisted rib and the other doesn’t. I hate twisted rib. But then when I started the second sock I figured to give it a go because it DID make the sock look better. It’s a bitch to knit though.

hedera done

Pattern: Hedera
Yarn: KnitPicks Sock Memories in Paper Dolls(discontinued)
Needle: KnitPicks Options US1(2.25mm) on the Magic Loop
Start: 8/27/07
Finish: 9/6/07
Mods: None really, other than the different cuff on one and my usual shortening of the heel flap.
Special Observation(s): Why does it seem like all of Cookie A’s patterns require you to shift stitches around? I’m not talking about the usual type of shifting like, ‘move stitches to x needle to hold while doing heel’, I’m talking about moving stitches over to rearrange the starting point or your whole thing’ll be wonked.

I encountered that in Pomatomus, Monkey and now these. Not complaining much, just an observation.

Then there’s:
Cabled sock
‘Grey’ Cabled Socks

I started this with the cable going the other way. I don’t use a cable needle anymore and I find the C4F easier to do than the C4B. So I called myself being SMRT and using the C4F and it just didn’t sit right. My guess is, the designer still uses a cable needle(as if that’ll change the outcome) or she swatched and learned what I did. Either way, lesson learned.

That’s Fortissma Socka color 1008 that Cristi gifted me. Thank you again, Cristi! I like this light orangey-colorway. It’ll wipe away the gloomy come winter.

Also, at the park(forgot about that huh?) there was spinning:


Finn fiber from Misty Mountain Farm, via Rhinebeck. Yes, it’s been about a year and I STILL have fiber from last year. I’m not going this year so I can work on these and pretend I just got it. 🙂 I usually love Finn fiber but not this one. I haven’t spun roving in quite a while; I finally got the hang of spinning top a while back and started spinning that more. However it’s not the fiber prep technique I don’t like, it’s the fact that there’s so much VM left in this stuff. Their cream colored Finn fiber didn’t present like this. I guess they figure the dark color can hide the poop and no one will be the wiser. Well, sorry. I found it. I’ll keep it but it’s gonna need some major SOAKING before I knit with it.

I’ve also got some natural dark Cotswold curls on another bobbin.. It’s got quite a bit of Lanolin still in it, and makes for sticky spinning. But it’s coming out fairly ok.

And I recently completed the Bubblegum Romney fiber I got from Spunky Eclectic. Again, I’m no fan of Romney but I loved the colors and I’m glad I got to experience it. There will be pics of that next post.

Ok, done rambling for now.

“Spin me in the morning…

..and just walk away…” (to fix my cup of tea!)

Back! with a cup of Celestial Seasons’ Chocolate Caramel Enchantment chai tea. Mmmmm.

Just so you don’t think I’ve gone the way of zany blabber-blogger, here’s a pic of what’s on the bobbins right now:

Early Morning glint

That’s Sarabella, from Spunky Eclectic. She’s part of 4oz. of 100% handpainted Merino. She’s sooo pretty!
I’m spinning her up fine, for a Navajo ply, and then I’ll make her into some comfy socks. I have some peachy-orange sock yarn with nylon to make the heels and toes. Hmm. I’m already thinking of some patterns I might want to use the yarn for.

I’ve all but finished the Phineas socks. It’s a cool pattern. I knit the first sock on 0s with 72 stitches, per the pattern but it’s a tad big on my leg. And you know how big my legs are, so that’s saying alot. 😉 The foot fits well though, so I decided to keep on. The cuff ribbing holds it in a bit.
But I’m knitting the mate on 64sts. It’s very easy to manipulate the pattern to use a different stitch count but if you want to try it on 64 sts just comment and leave an email address and I’ll send off the chart I made up. For the actual pattern, check out Quietish.

I haven’t made much progress on Stripedy, if any. The needle is getting to short and the stitches are crammed on there to where it hurts to knit after a few minutes. And I’m on 7s. I’m holding out for a particular needle so I’ll have to wait til I get it. Shell/Tank only sees progress at home. But none significant enough to warrant a new picture. I need to bang out another foot of SYES(see sidebar) and that’s coming off the needles. I will block it to within an inch of its life, and it should be the size of a toddler bed. 🙂 The mate to bmp is being done on a larger needle so I don’t need to wait for Phineas to come off the 0s before casting on, now that I have some good black yarn.

With that, I’m off! TTFN

It’s Butter! (Park… heyyyyy)

I don’t know what possessed me, but last night I made butter. Yes, butter.

Home made butter

I’d heard of other people doing it, so I bought some heavy cream a few days ago and just went with it. Apparently, all you have to do is shake the hell out of the cream and it eventually clumps into butter. Who knew? I started shaking the container it was in. That didn’t work. I emptied some out, thinking there wasn’t enough room in there; that didn’t help any. Then I had the sense to actually use a glass jar and between me and one of the kids, we finally got the stuff to clump. After a few rinsing sessions, we had butter. And boy is it good! I learned a bit too late I could have used the food processor so next time I do this, that’s what I’ll use. And I’ll think ahead and salt the cream instead of trying to salt the butter afterwards… I gave a bit to hubby on some bread and he couldn’t tell it wasn’t store-bought. Woohoo!!

Today was even more fun!


I grabbed a little one and we set out to spin in the park with Karen .

We had a good time too! People gathered, stared, asked questions and some wee ones even helped turn Karen’s wheel! 🙂 It was too cute. Some old lady walked up and asked me all kinds of questions, and then pinched off some of my roving and walked off with it!! WTF? *sigh*…


I got to work on the rest of the St. Patty’s Day ‘haggis’ roving, merino 64s I dyed back in March, and then I took a little break and worked on a mate to a sock:

I finished it while in the park. I’ll post a pic and stats hopefully in the next blog post.

As we were leaving, we were serenaded by this little guy, dropping little bits of whatever he was nibbling on, onto us:

Little friend

Well, at least it was food, and not something else. Hee. I even got a little Saturday Sky in there, as it was nothing but clear, blue.

All in all, today was a great day. Can’t wait to do this again.