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I Go To Pieces…

Well I’m trying to. Sort of. Forgive the scattered themes.

First up I want to let you all know, episode 13 of BeanKnits and Spins is up and ready. It’s just a short 12 minute cast to get whet your appetite. 🙂

I’m trying to get up a better podcast blog than what’s at my podcast hosting site, so check me out here

Any suggestions for the page content/design, just leave a comment.

So onto the goodies:

Here’s another progress pic of Baby Bobbi Bear:
oneleg bear 002

I’ve since finished about half the head. Then it’s just the arms and remaining leg. Woohoo!

But speaking of pieces..

I’ve been thinking about sweater knitting. I start them and get bored or discouraged. I get nervous that all my work will be useless, that the item will be too big, too small, too something. So I put it down, and it falters. I think I may have come to realize what the problem is: laziness.

No, I don’t mean I’m too lazy to knit, but that I’m too lazy to seam. You see, I got this idea in my head that since I’m not fond of seaming(and face it, I’m not!), I’d rather do sweaters in the round. Well. I’m a big girl and that means sweaters will take FOREVER in the round. Believe it or not, I actually see quicker progress doing sweaters in pieces. The damned SEAMING is what makes me leave the thing to the side for eons. So. I’ve bitten the bullet and will pick out a sweater/cardigan to make that is done in pieces. Stripedy will be finished. I’m already started with her and with all the yarn cutting I’ve done I’m not about to rip it. But after that, no more in-the-rounds for my big a$$. Just can’t do it anymore. 🙂

That’s it for this post. I’m gearing up for a little vacation this weekend(read: me and hubby holed up in the house with no kids! 😀 ), so there probably won’t be another post til next week at the earliest! WEEEEEEEEE

See ya!


Let’s play Catch-up!

But first, here’s a dose of cute for you:

K’s son had his b-day party at a bowling alley and littlest Bean decided she wanted to roll her own frames. So there you have it!

Her score is 2nd from the bottom. Not bad for a 4 year old! 🙂


On with the crafting!

When last I left you I’d just received the KP Harmony needle set. I figured I could be knee-deep in new WIPS with all those cords. WRONG *screeching halt*:


That’s Baby Bobbi Bear going on right now. I didn’t read ahead in the pattern and look where it got me. I’ve got the 2 24-inch cords holding the top sections and a 32-inch on the bottom area (the other 32″ cord is in Icarus). I’m about to branch off and do the legs on dpns but man I need more cords! 😀 Some 16″ers oughta do it for holders. But I’m having so much fun using the needles and I’m so glad each cord set comes with duplicates. I was travelling to the party with this and I wouldn’t have gotten THAT far with only the one cord.

A close up shot:

BBB is being done in my handspun Finn, a 2-ply I spun up last year when I borrowed Val’s Joy. I just LOVE Finn fiber. I still haven’t decided what I’ll do with the black Finn I finished recently. Maybe hubby-socks.

Also, I recently got tagged by Sofia with this:
1. Link to your tagger and post rules

2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird

3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names

4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog

So here goes.
1) I don’t watch much TV anymore. Most of what I do watch is really just me occasionally glimpsing the screen while someone ELSE(usually hubby) is watching.
2) I don’t like okra. Don’t ask.
3) My glasses are 4 years old. I actually HAVE had a more recent pair, but the frames took a dump on me and in the interim, I put on the pair I had before them. I didn’t see much difference, so I still wear them; I just haven’t had the time to find a good optician who won’t screw up my script like 3 times before I can go home with the damn things.
4) I actually like the taste of Red Bull. 🙂
5) I sleep best face down.
6) I keep my fiber dyes in a potato flake canister. (which reminds me I need to save that oatmeal one too 😉 ).

I’m afraid I’m going to have to break the cycle on this. I’m not all that fond of the tagging and meme business and I know most of the people I link to on the net aren’t thrilled with them either, so I won’t be passing this on.

Gonna keep this short(*giggle*). Everyone have a great day, and a great week!

OMG! NO you didn’t!(Yes, they did!) :)

It has been said many a time, but it bears repeating: Knitters/fiber crafters are some of the most caring, and generous people I’ve ever met. If you asked me how to spell the word ‘friend’ it’s kklmstv(each letter is a seperate link). Those are the first letters of the names of some very special people. The people who gave me THIS for my birthday!!:

OMG!! They really did it! I’m floored. I know I mentioned my wanting to get a set of the Harmony needles to replace the bamboo needles whose cords annoy the hell out of me. But I never expected anyone to actually get it for me. They all went in and did the knittyest thing! I got this hilarious card too:


Karen came up with a clever way to display all the names: It broke my heart. 🙂

I know I looked a fool dancing and giggling in the street, but girls, consider yourselves hugged tight! I don’t know what to say, Thank you is not enough.

My poor brain was aswim with ways to start NEW projects, but I’d been neglecting Icarus(stay tuned for a new podcast discussing my knitting disaster!), so I simply transfered it to my new needles! I’m using the size 5US tips and the 32″ cord. I do intend to get longer cords and some of the metal tips, but for now I’m in needle heaven!

This is the needle in Icarus. You’re looking at the purl side.

That’s it for today. The earth has made yet another revolution for me today, and I’m gonna chill out as much as possible!

To everyone sending me birthday wishes, Thank you! I love ya!

I swear my place is haunted…

It has to be. Things keep moving when they shouldn’t. I hear things move or fall when I’m the only person home/awake. It’s mind boggling. And they did it again.

Yesterday, Karen and I hung out with the kids at a park and I took some pictures(hold your horses). Then I get home and go to take the pics off the camera and can’t find my damn cord to connect it to the computer. Yeah. Tore up the bedroom(or so I thought) and still no dice. Made me mad. Went online and checked the Canon site for accesories and damn if that thing wasn’t on BACKORDER–WTF?.. I almost wound up legging it to RadioShack today but something told me to check hubby’s side of the bed–against the wall– and wouldn’t you know it? There it was. I’m tellin you, I have a ghost in this place… Anyhoo, on with the show:

Hedera feet
Hedera, done! This was a fairly easy knit after all. No major complaints about the pattern and the yarn held up well after a soak. I’d do this one again. You might notice that one cuff has the twisted rib and the other doesn’t. I hate twisted rib. But then when I started the second sock I figured to give it a go because it DID make the sock look better. It’s a bitch to knit though.

hedera done

Pattern: Hedera
Yarn: KnitPicks Sock Memories in Paper Dolls(discontinued)
Needle: KnitPicks Options US1(2.25mm) on the Magic Loop
Start: 8/27/07
Finish: 9/6/07
Mods: None really, other than the different cuff on one and my usual shortening of the heel flap.
Special Observation(s): Why does it seem like all of Cookie A’s patterns require you to shift stitches around? I’m not talking about the usual type of shifting like, ‘move stitches to x needle to hold while doing heel’, I’m talking about moving stitches over to rearrange the starting point or your whole thing’ll be wonked.

I encountered that in Pomatomus, Monkey and now these. Not complaining much, just an observation.

Then there’s:
Cabled sock
‘Grey’ Cabled Socks

I started this with the cable going the other way. I don’t use a cable needle anymore and I find the C4F easier to do than the C4B. So I called myself being SMRT and using the C4F and it just didn’t sit right. My guess is, the designer still uses a cable needle(as if that’ll change the outcome) or she swatched and learned what I did. Either way, lesson learned.

That’s Fortissma Socka color 1008 that Cristi gifted me. Thank you again, Cristi! I like this light orangey-colorway. It’ll wipe away the gloomy come winter.

Also, at the park(forgot about that huh?) there was spinning:


Finn fiber from Misty Mountain Farm, via Rhinebeck. Yes, it’s been about a year and I STILL have fiber from last year. I’m not going this year so I can work on these and pretend I just got it. 🙂 I usually love Finn fiber but not this one. I haven’t spun roving in quite a while; I finally got the hang of spinning top a while back and started spinning that more. However it’s not the fiber prep technique I don’t like, it’s the fact that there’s so much VM left in this stuff. Their cream colored Finn fiber didn’t present like this. I guess they figure the dark color can hide the poop and no one will be the wiser. Well, sorry. I found it. I’ll keep it but it’s gonna need some major SOAKING before I knit with it.

I’ve also got some natural dark Cotswold curls on another bobbin.. It’s got quite a bit of Lanolin still in it, and makes for sticky spinning. But it’s coming out fairly ok.

And I recently completed the Bubblegum Romney fiber I got from Spunky Eclectic. Again, I’m no fan of Romney but I loved the colors and I’m glad I got to experience it. There will be pics of that next post.

Ok, done rambling for now.

Happy Birthday! And FO’s!!

No, it’s not my birthday. But my little fuzzy cuddlies are 2 years old today.

Birthday Hammies

Three sons and one daughter from the pair I had, Batman and Catwoman. Sadly, they and their father are all that remain. Mom and their sibs all passed away. I love me my hammies. I didn’t even know Catwoman was expecting until hubby woke me up and said, “Is it too soon to call you ‘Gramma’?” I jumped up, peeked in her cage; there were 9 little pink thingies in her nest and she was off looking for food. I wanted to ring his neck, I swear. But it’s all good now. 🙂

I have some FOs and a new WIP for you. You like that, huh? 😉

First up:
gradient PurlBump scarf

I know, It’s not blocked. I’ll get around to that. I promise. There may even be a pic with someone WEARING it. *Groucho eyebrow*. I was winging this as I went, with the dyeing. I tried my hand at the gradual immersion technique and well, I don’t know if I like it. I tried adding the whole thing and pulling some out over time so that it would be various shades.. Then I tried adding just the end and putting more in over time.. I really don’t think it matters much. I simply didn’t get enough shade changes. Maybe it was the fact that I used Wiltons, maybe it was because it’s blue. At least I got to use my handspun! 🙂
Pattern:”PurlBump” scarf
Yarn: Handspun SheepShed- Brown Sheep mill ends in ecru/undyed
Needle: US 9(5.5?mm) Bryspun circular
Started Aug.7, 2007
Finished Aug. 9, 2007

I think this is the fastest I’ve finished a scarf. Woo!

Then there’s:
VLTdyed 001

This is the Victorian Lace Today scarf I’d been working on the past week. The book states you should work the border 4 times but I only did it 3 and had to work out the numbers to pick up the right number of stitches for the center panel. It worked out easily. This is the first time I’ve knit something with this type of construction; knitting a border, turning it sideways to pick up stitches, knitting up from there, and then knitting-on the second border. I need to do more of these! I don’t know how the hell I’ll block this thing; it’s bigger than my blocking board.. *sigh*
Pattern: Scarf with open and solid diamond lace edging from Weldon’s, 1904, from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: KnitPicks Bare Laceweight(which I dyed pink-ish with Wild Berry Tea Kool Aid)
Needle: Inox Express 4.5mm(US 7)
Started: Aug. 3, 2007
Finished: Aug. 11, 2007(including dyeing)

But wait, there’s more! I’ve got a new lace WIP going as well(did you really think I wouldn’t? 😉 )

sagitarria shawl 002
Sagittaria Shawl

Another Ravelry find. I love that place. Worry not if you haven’t received your invite yet, it’s coming!!

This pattern is woooo… Let me tell ya. Valerie referred to it as ‘Icarus(shawl) with a kick’. She wasn’t lying; this bad boy was kickin’ my ass! Look at the charts and you’ll see what I mean. I had to do some serious marking to get Chart 2 to work to my advantage. Once I got a feeling for the pattern repeat, I simply marked off the sidelines with the number of stitches left after you’ve done the right number of repeats. So far, it’s paid off; just a missing stitch from a dropped YO but that’s easily fixable. I’m not complaining though. Sagitarria’s going to be a knock-out!

It may seem like I’ve been cheating by knitting with Bare and then dying. But sometimes I just don’t know what color I want the FO to be until I’m done with it. I still have yet to take some of my handspun and make a lace shawl. I’m still hoping to get that done before the year is out. My spinning whims are all over the map lately. I’m still working on the black stuff so there’s nothing new to say about that.

And for all the crafting moms out there, a moment to brag about SugarBoogers:

Beanlet Giftwrap

And in the wrapping?
Beanlet Gift

Littlest Bean is enjoying a short break for what’s left of summer, and then it’s back to the grind for her(and all of them 😉 ). She’s improved in her speech some, and her vocabulary is soaring! I’m so proud of my little Beanlet. Hee.

So, that’s it for this post. Happy Sunday!

BeanKnits and Spins podcast is on hiatus until it’s quiet in the house AND I’m awake.. at the a same time. 😉 (school starts)

To My Littlest Beanlet

(This is not a craft related post, so if that bugs you.. skip this.)

For the third time since I married your father, I pee’d on the stick. It was positive. I pee’d on another one. That one was positive too. I shook. I cried. I sulked, bargained, and finally sighed and gave in. You were on your way. I toyed with the idea of not having you. Eventually I abandoned those thoughts and accepted my fate.

I was so ready. So ready to potty-train your brother and send his happy butt to school. Your big sister was already in school. Mommy could once again know silence during daylight hours for longer than a ‘naptime’. I was so ready to delve into real full-time work, or perhaps go back to school. But alas, that was not to be.

I wasn’t enthused. I dealt, and just accepted, but NO ONE was going to force me to be happy.
“…but you’ve got two already, what’s one more!?”, they said.


Fast-forward 9 months. At 11:04am you came into the world. Hollering. Louder than both your siblings. I knew you were special then.

But you were special in so many ways. You’re the only one that looks like me. After all that hard work of pregnancy I could at LEAST have a child that looked like me. All my cousins, and your Uncle said, “That’s you all over again!”. “She look(sic) just LIKE you!”. “Yep, there goes little(me)!”.

I began to ease into newborn-mode again. It’s not like I could sleep all night before. You moved around in my belly more than your brother and sister. I could set my clock by you. Up in the morning, nap in the afternoon, wake up after dinner, up allllllllllll night. Nap for a minute at dawn. Wash Rinse Repeat.

Then I came home with you, after a long, tiring stay at the hospital where you were born. You slept a lot at first, the jaundice making you sleepy. But then you snapped out of it and I was in for it! You kept me on my toes for sure.

Time moved on. You sat up, rolled over, and crawled in your own way. One day(When Uncle came by and you met him for the first time), you just got up and walked. Of course, when you saw that I was looking you sat down again. That’s ok. I think I have that on tape. (Or was that your brother? My brain is mush).

Fast-forward to last Tuesday. You turned 4. Four!. It seemed like just the other day you were wrapped up in a summer blanket, cuddled in Daddy’s arms as we brought you home, him beaming, and me limping( damned C-sections!). And now you’re ready for school.

Soooo many times you’d break something, get into something, make a mess after I’d just cleaned. Sooo many times you didn’t want to go to sleep, you didn’t want to take a nap, you didn’t want to eat, you didn’t want to walk while traveling. And all I could think was, ‘I can’t wait until you go to SCHOOL!’.

Well today, that dream has come true. And I’m not so sure about it. I mean, Yes, eventually silence will reign supreme once again(except for those DANG Parakeets!), but I can’t shake how little you is getting on that big ole’ bus and going so far away. Ok, it’s not REALLY far but big brother and big sister are just going down the road. Why’d you have to be so special that your zoned school can’t handle you? LOL

My hopes and dreams are in you. And they’re about to be carted off to a place where you can share your hopes and dreams with others. At the same time I sigh with relief that the last child is on her way into the big-kid world, my heart breaks that I couldn’t be with you on your journey.

You’re growing up, SugarBoogers. Just don’t forget how much I love you.

Beanlet 'hiding'