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Episode 16- Pointed Ramblings, New Hobbies

Episode 16 is now available

drawstring bag

Falling into Sewing and Baking (I’m getting domesticated, eek!)
Fabric/Sewing from a Knitter’s point of view
Resist-Dyeing technique
Running around Brooklyn lookin’ for fabric in all the wrong places(and some right places, too)


Resist Dyeing at Two Sheep

Knitscene Magazine at Interweave Press(This is where the CPH pattern came from, NOT Knit.1 magazine)

KitchenAid Mixers


It’s Butter! (Park… heyyyyy)

I don’t know what possessed me, but last night I made butter. Yes, butter.

Home made butter

I’d heard of other people doing it, so I bought some heavy cream a few days ago and just went with it. Apparently, all you have to do is shake the hell out of the cream and it eventually clumps into butter. Who knew? I started shaking the container it was in. That didn’t work. I emptied some out, thinking there wasn’t enough room in there; that didn’t help any. Then I had the sense to actually use a glass jar and between me and one of the kids, we finally got the stuff to clump. After a few rinsing sessions, we had butter. And boy is it good! I learned a bit too late I could have used the food processor so next time I do this, that’s what I’ll use. And I’ll think ahead and salt the cream instead of trying to salt the butter afterwards… I gave a bit to hubby on some bread and he couldn’t tell it wasn’t store-bought. Woohoo!!

Today was even more fun!


I grabbed a little one and we set out to spin in the park with Karen .

We had a good time too! People gathered, stared, asked questions and some wee ones even helped turn Karen’s wheel! 🙂 It was too cute. Some old lady walked up and asked me all kinds of questions, and then pinched off some of my roving and walked off with it!! WTF? *sigh*…


I got to work on the rest of the St. Patty’s Day ‘haggis’ roving, merino 64s I dyed back in March, and then I took a little break and worked on a mate to a sock:

I finished it while in the park. I’ll post a pic and stats hopefully in the next blog post.

As we were leaving, we were serenaded by this little guy, dropping little bits of whatever he was nibbling on, onto us:

Little friend

Well, at least it was food, and not something else. Hee. I even got a little Saturday Sky in there, as it was nothing but clear, blue.

All in all, today was a great day. Can’t wait to do this again.