I’m a 30-something mom of 3, who knits, spins, sews and yacks to her heart’s content on her Podcast, all while living in NYC.


4 responses to “About

  1. Bean! Miss ya in chat! Just wanted to say hi and hope all is well!


  2. Hi
    Great blog…interested in exchanging links?
    Lauren Abrams
    LaBeana Bags

    ps….great name lol

  3. Hi I was looking for a way to contact you, but no email address here, so… 🙂

    I saw your post on the SL blog. You can still use Nicholaz’s viewer, which works with (no forced upgrades yay!). I just started using it after LL’s mandatory upgrade and so far it is working fine.

    He said he is not going to develop further versions, so eventually we might not be able to use it anymore, but for now it still works.

    Available here:

  4. Lady Bean we all need to hear from you now and them, please. . . . .

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