Episode 20– Neverending WIPs, (and a special FO)

Nutkin Socks from Knitzi.com

Edit: Episode 20 is here!

RosiG'(SoapyKnitter) is destashing some sweet yarns!! Don’t miss out! (Ravelry link)

Verena Knitting Magazine
–Beautiful, stylish knits!! Plus Sizes! Cables!


With this episode, I think it is time to say goodbye. I didn’t want to mention that Episode 20 would be my last, because I didn’t want to bring the tone down during recording. Lately I’ve just not been feeling the podcasting, and while I’ve had some great times, I think it’s best not to continue. I started my craft documentation with blogging and since I prefer the written word(and photos!) over the podcasting, that is what I will return to. I will be leaving this blog up in case iTunes decides to delete my feed link, and an all-new crafting blog will be up in the coming weeks. I will also from time to time continue to contribute at the House of Wool Repute.
I want to thank ALL my listeners, commenters and HoWR cohorts for encouraging me when the going got tough.

Shannon, of SSK podcast, thank you for giving me the kick in the a$$ that I needed to finally get my voice out there.
Thank you HoWRs and honorary HoWRs for listening to me whine about it all and giggling at my crazy comments.
Thank you Necia for suggesting I branch out and talk about all my different crafts.
Thank you CiCiCarry for keeping me on my toes and checking me out on the blogs, in Flickr AND in Ravelry.
Thank you Susandolph for encouraging me to keep on even when I had my doubts, and congratulations on getting on the mic as well.
Thank you Yarngeekier for listening to me talk about an upcoming episode, only for it to be totally different, and not saying, “Uh, what happened to…?” šŸ˜‰
Thank you Turtlegirl for YAYing when an episode went up!
Thank you to everyone who’s ever sent me an email, a Ravelry comment or left a comment on this blog or at HoWR to let me know you’re out there. You all have seen me through this and I hope you’ll continue to check out BeanKnits and Spins, etc. wherever it may turn up.


2 responses to “Episode 20– Neverending WIPs, (and a special FO)

  1. Now I don’t know whether to Yay or cry. =( You have the best podcast! Maybe someday the mojo will return. Don’t close the door on it forever!

  2. awww maaaan!! just when i was about to dive into listening to podcasting!!! šŸ˜¦ so sad to hear you won’t be doing it anymore. šŸ˜¦ at least i’ll have the back episodes. for now… šŸ˜€

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