“Who was it?” ” I don’t know…he hung up!”

If you know what cartoon that’s from, then you know how I’m feeling right now.

Lately my WIPS have fallen in the hole for me. I just took Icarus off the needles to burn. Well no, I haven’t actually done so, but I’m sorely tempted. After all the $hit I went through(like extra rounds!) to get the right stitch count, I was still WRONG. It’s what I get for trying to do the same shawl twice. I just don’t have the heart to continue on.

Then I’m kicking myself in the ass about Baby Bobbi Bear. It’s going to get finished but it’s going to look like patchwork. Poor planning has cause me to have to resort to using other yarns to finish it because I underestimated how much yarn I’d actually NEED(read: I don’t know how much of my own handspun I have). So, I’ll be using various other yarns on BBB…

At least I’ve finished 2.5 pairs of family socks. You know, the ones I said I’d be making for my household. So far I’ve got mine and son’s done, and just about ready to cast on number 2 for littlest Beanlet. After her it’s big girl Beanlet and finally hubby and his small cruiseships.

As for the mini-vacation, hubby and I just spent some quality time together. We went and bowled a few games(I beat him both times!) and had a quick dinner and walked around Times Square. Which reminds me. Is there a purpose to the M&M World store? 3 floors of M&M-themed merchandise; in fact, more non-candy merch than actual candy. WHY? I’m just sayin’…

And to top off the weekend, I got to meet the lovely, crafty, knitting farmer Sarah!! All the way from NM! She came up northward for Rhinebeck(DAMN! Why couldn’t I go!?Argh!) and we agreed to meet up before she left the area. Sadly I have no pics of the meeting but we had a good time chatting and walking around. Next time Sarah, I’m coming to town for Taos!!(maybe?) Weeeeeeee

Forgive the lack of pictures this post. I’ve made little tangible progress and I’ve got to really reassess my Ravelry queue so I can start some new WIPS.

Til another time!


2 responses to ““Who was it?” ” I don’t know…he hung up!”

  1. Hee, at least you don’t have a pic of me on my bum in the middle of the city!


  2. YAY for the Sarah sighting! Isn’t she just the sweetest thing? you can’t help it but love her!
    and HUGS about the icarus….

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