I Go To Pieces…

Well I’m trying to. Sort of. Forgive the scattered themes.

First up I want to let you all know, episode 13 of BeanKnits and Spins is up and ready. It’s just a short 12 minute cast to get whet your appetite. 🙂

I’m trying to get up a better podcast blog than what’s at my podcast hosting site, so check me out here

Any suggestions for the page content/design, just leave a comment.

So onto the goodies:

Here’s another progress pic of Baby Bobbi Bear:
oneleg bear 002

I’ve since finished about half the head. Then it’s just the arms and remaining leg. Woohoo!

But speaking of pieces..

I’ve been thinking about sweater knitting. I start them and get bored or discouraged. I get nervous that all my work will be useless, that the item will be too big, too small, too something. So I put it down, and it falters. I think I may have come to realize what the problem is: laziness.

No, I don’t mean I’m too lazy to knit, but that I’m too lazy to seam. You see, I got this idea in my head that since I’m not fond of seaming(and face it, I’m not!), I’d rather do sweaters in the round. Well. I’m a big girl and that means sweaters will take FOREVER in the round. Believe it or not, I actually see quicker progress doing sweaters in pieces. The damned SEAMING is what makes me leave the thing to the side for eons. So. I’ve bitten the bullet and will pick out a sweater/cardigan to make that is done in pieces. Stripedy will be finished. I’m already started with her and with all the yarn cutting I’ve done I’m not about to rip it. But after that, no more in-the-rounds for my big a$$. Just can’t do it anymore. 🙂

That’s it for this post. I’m gearing up for a little vacation this weekend(read: me and hubby holed up in the house with no kids! 😀 ), so there probably won’t be another post til next week at the earliest! WEEEEEEEEE

See ya!


4 responses to “I Go To Pieces…


  2. Ooooo, enjoy your vacation, it sounds lovely!

    I totally get you on the seaming. Ive learned that I hate the idea of it more than I hate the actual seaming. Once I get going, it’s not so bad. You can do it!

  3. I like seaming. Really, I do. But no, I won’t seam it for you. 😛

  4. Thats what kind of vacation I’m talking about. I hate seaming too. I pulled out my oldest wip Sesame, and was amazed to see just how fast the pieces went. Too bad, I put it back down again.


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