There are FO’s to show.

I never mentioned them here because I finished them so fast.

Pair number 1

Fetching two

Pair number 2

I did each of these in one or two days, over the last week. Fetching is very fast and easy and a cinch to adjust. Just ask me, who accidentally left out a row between cable rows on the first pair. Then I decided to make a 4th cable row and add a few more rows before the thumbhole on the second pair.

I’ll be making more of these just because it’s a nice-looking, simple pattern. I’m was debating adding fingerholes because the first pair, I did the picot bind-off and it flares out like nobody’s business. I’m not to thrilled with that. So on the next pair I just did a Russian Bind-off in purl and that solved the problem.. And also, as an aside, WTF is up with thumbholes? I have such a time getting them to look right with all the picking up of stitches. It’s as if I never pick up the right amount, or in the right place. On with the info:

Fetching 1:
Yarn: Elann Peruvian Uros Aran in Mocha
Needles: 3.75mm birch DPNs
Started: 9/12/07
Finished: 9/13/07
Mods: None

Fetching 2:
Yarn: my own handspun Merino/Tencel 50/50 Navajo(3ply) in Roses For You(Susan’s Spinning Bunny)
Needles: 3.75mm birch DPNs
Started: 9/14/07
Finished: 9/16/07
Mods: added fourth pattern row, added extra palm rows before thumbhole and Russian bind-off

I also finally bound off the Panta headband. Sadly, just like Calorimetry, it’s not really meant for my head. It needs hair hanging out the back and that’s just not me. Might as well have made a hat.
Panta (side)

Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, Tomato
Needles: 4.5mm Susan Bates Straights(and the 4.5mm Denises! YAY!)
Started: 8/31/07
Finished: 9/17/07 (Why did this take me so long?!)
Mods: None. There is supposedly another version of the pattern somewhere on the net. So if this looks different, the one you’ve seen might be the other pattern.

So that’s that. As for spinning, I’ve finished spinning and plied the dark Finn and it’s drying as I type this. Next up I’ve got the lime green Alpaca/silk/wool blend fiber from Little Barn, but my old standby BFL is calling my name. I’ve got quite a bit of it.. Then there’s the Ugly Batt Nancy gave me still up there teasing me, and all the goodies Karen just gave me. Dammit. 😀

Happy Fiber-ing!


6 responses to “Finito!

  1. Your fetchings are fetching, dahlink.

    Thumbholes: I usually pick up more than I need and then decrease down to the correct number on the first knitted row. Now I gots to check out the Russian bind off because even with a purl bindoff, mine flared more that I wanted.

  2. A lot of really nice fos. I think the panta looks great on you!

  3. Very nice. I’m thinking of making some fingerless gloves for Rhinebeck, who knows what the weather will be like then.

    Do you know about how many yards of handspun you used for your second pair?

  4. That headband ROCKS on you!!!!! I love the way it looks on you!!!

  5. I am loving the fingerless gloves! Fabulous!

    Also, I have tagged you.

  6. Wow. the gloves look great!

    Just discovered your blog and am so impressed with your skill. You are one prolific little crafter, lady!

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