BeanKnits and Spins Podcast Episode 11

Yes. It’s back! Go here. Or check iTunes– BeanKnits and Spins.

Also, my latest dyeing adventures:

orangebrowndyedjob 001

The pre-soaked fiber in the pyrex dish

orangebrowndyedjob 003

My little color-squirter thingy!

orangebrowndyejob 004

In the dye pot.

Merino 64s ecru, dyed with orange (and brown if you can believe it!) Wiltons paste. Next time. REAL acid dyes!


2 responses to “BeanKnits and Spins Podcast Episode 11

  1. Kinda reminds me of the desert camafloug(sp?) pattern. I’ve tried jacquard and I still really love to use my Wiltons. Especially with little ones around, it’s just easier for me.

  2. I love the colors. send me some … 🙂

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