I swear my place is haunted…

It has to be. Things keep moving when they shouldn’t. I hear things move or fall when I’m the only person home/awake. It’s mind boggling. And they did it again.

Yesterday, Karen and I hung out with the kids at a park and I took some pictures(hold your horses). Then I get home and go to take the pics off the camera and can’t find my damn cord to connect it to the computer. Yeah. Tore up the bedroom(or so I thought) and still no dice. Made me mad. Went online and checked the Canon site for accesories and damn if that thing wasn’t on BACKORDER–WTF?.. I almost wound up legging it to RadioShack today but something told me to check hubby’s side of the bed–against the wall– and wouldn’t you know it? There it was. I’m tellin you, I have a ghost in this place… Anyhoo, on with the show:

Hedera feet
Hedera, done! This was a fairly easy knit after all. No major complaints about the pattern and the yarn held up well after a soak. I’d do this one again. You might notice that one cuff has the twisted rib and the other doesn’t. I hate twisted rib. But then when I started the second sock I figured to give it a go because it DID make the sock look better. It’s a bitch to knit though.

hedera done

Pattern: Hedera
Yarn: KnitPicks Sock Memories in Paper Dolls(discontinued)
Needle: KnitPicks Options US1(2.25mm) on the Magic Loop
Start: 8/27/07
Finish: 9/6/07
Mods: None really, other than the different cuff on one and my usual shortening of the heel flap.
Special Observation(s): Why does it seem like all of Cookie A’s patterns require you to shift stitches around? I’m not talking about the usual type of shifting like, ‘move stitches to x needle to hold while doing heel’, I’m talking about moving stitches over to rearrange the starting point or your whole thing’ll be wonked.

I encountered that in Pomatomus, Monkey and now these. Not complaining much, just an observation.

Then there’s:
Cabled sock
‘Grey’ Cabled Socks

I started this with the cable going the other way. I don’t use a cable needle anymore and I find the C4F easier to do than the C4B. So I called myself being SMRT and using the C4F and it just didn’t sit right. My guess is, the designer still uses a cable needle(as if that’ll change the outcome) or she swatched and learned what I did. Either way, lesson learned.

That’s Fortissma Socka color 1008 that Cristi gifted me. Thank you again, Cristi! I like this light orangey-colorway. It’ll wipe away the gloomy come winter.

Also, at the park(forgot about that huh?) there was spinning:


Finn fiber from Misty Mountain Farm, via Rhinebeck. Yes, it’s been about a year and I STILL have fiber from last year. I’m not going this year so I can work on these and pretend I just got it. 🙂 I usually love Finn fiber but not this one. I haven’t spun roving in quite a while; I finally got the hang of spinning top a while back and started spinning that more. However it’s not the fiber prep technique I don’t like, it’s the fact that there’s so much VM left in this stuff. Their cream colored Finn fiber didn’t present like this. I guess they figure the dark color can hide the poop and no one will be the wiser. Well, sorry. I found it. I’ll keep it but it’s gonna need some major SOAKING before I knit with it.

I’ve also got some natural dark Cotswold curls on another bobbin.. It’s got quite a bit of Lanolin still in it, and makes for sticky spinning. But it’s coming out fairly ok.

And I recently completed the Bubblegum Romney fiber I got from Spunky Eclectic. Again, I’m no fan of Romney but I loved the colors and I’m glad I got to experience it. There will be pics of that next post.

Ok, done rambling for now.


7 responses to “I swear my place is haunted…

  1. Pretty Hedera socks! I love twisted rib but it is a little fidgety to knit. I think you may be the first person knitting my cabled socks, please let me know if you find any errata in the pattern. As for the cables, I also do not use a cable needle, and made the socks mirror images with a c4f on one sock and a c4b on the other. The way I do cables is to transfer all the stitches to their proper order first, get them on my working needle and then knit across. I don’t knit into any of the stitches until they are where they are supposed to be, just because I find it helps me keep everything a little more even. I must pull a lot on the stitches otherwise! Have fun with the socks, I hope you like them 🙂

  2. Hedera turned out pretty! I never understood all the shifting of stitches and if I can help it, I don’t do it.

    Love the cabled socks! The orange really shines in that pattern!

  3. Purty socks!

    Yup definately haunted. Camera cord behind the bed? Weird. Spooky.

  4. Your hedera’s are so cute! i want a pair now. If I can ever untangle my cth that might just be the pattern for me! Um, why no rhinebeck this year?
    Gonna miss ya, even though I don’t recall seeing you last year, I felt you aura!

  5. I’m a sucka for varegated yarns, I luv your Hedera’s.
    Must be nice to spin in the park. Last time I tried it I could barely get any spinning doen becasue I had so many people(kids included) coming up to me and askign me questions. I had one little girl that sat next to me for like 2 hours asking questions. Her mother finally had to literally drag her home. Maybe next time I’ll find me a spinning buddy, whaddya think?

  6. We have the same problem with things getting moved, things going bump, and things tipping over for no reason. It happens all the time, I even grew up with the phenomenons so they don’t bother me so much now in adult-hood. Just the other day, the BF’s Hookah fell right over for no apparent reason. It sits on a flat surface, and is on the other side of the room. Some people say it is Fae (Faries) or gnomes as they can be tricksters, but they are not welcome and I shoo them off often. I live right by a woods and nature preserve so it’s no surprise they get in….somehow. They love frickin my Bird out too. She will just take off in all-panic mode, screamin away and acting like something spooked her. *shrugs* If you have playful spirits, there are bound to be protective ones around as well. 🙂

  7. Hi,

    I recently found your podcasts and listened to all of them. Thank you so much for doing them. I really enjoyed them.

    I hope your feeling better and that all is well.


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