Quick and Dirty… ;)

This is a drive-by posting.. Many pictures, very few words.

Just click through for the larger sizes:

sagittaria pose

Finally an outdoor pic of Sagittaria. No hanging-from-a-tree pic for these… I don’t much like the ‘shrubbery’ around here.



The Victorian Lace Today scarf I overdyed weeks ago. I know, I know. I still haven’t blocked it. I’m waiting for the right alignment of not-sleepy and bed-not-being-occupied-for-10- hours, hehe.

Luna Moth Shawl

The Luna Moth Shawl(Lost Caterpillar*). This was actually the first picture I took. It was a few minutes getting Big-Girl used to holding a shawl right for pics.. She’s learning.

Up next:


My first Icarus shawl. I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not binding off loosely enough to get the points. I have since learned my lesson on that one. And also that I need to pull the crap out of lace knitting to block it. I apparently had no clue.

And finally, just so you don’t think I’ve not been knitting,

Hedera progress

I should be finished with this one tonight and can cast on the mate. It’s not so bad after all 🙂 Maybe Baudelaire soon? (But I’m STILL not doing Poma again.. )

/me quickly pulls her knitting needles back in the car window and drives off!!!

*I’ll explain why I call it this in a future post.


10 responses to “Quick and Dirty… ;)

  1. OOh a cavalcade of modeled shots! They’re all beautiful! I especially love Icaraus. It’s still nice without the points. A gentle curve.

  2. Dang! You’ve been busy! I like that lost caterpillar one!

  3. Wow…it all looks so great!

  4. LOVE YOUR LACE!!!!!!!!
    You have been a busy girl!

    Your comment on my blog was so sweet!
    luve ya!

  6. Jeepers, you’ve been on one heck of a lace kick! If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is. 😀

  7. It all looks great, specially I like your red shawl!

  8. You are going nutso with the lace, woman. 🙂

    I love the green shawl, and I adore the socks.

  9. Very Nice! It’s great to see so many wonderful lace projects in one place!

  10. Looky all those loverly shawls! Your daugher is a fabulous model! Had to google Sagittaria – it’s a great pattern; I haven’t seen it before. But Luna Moth, oh my! So much prettier than the prototype. Seems like a lighter weight yarn than suggested? Mind sharing the yarn specs? : )

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