Things are looking up.

I know I’ve been real whiny lately and I appologize for that. I could blame it on PMS but since my surgery, I don’t know when that is anymore. So, on with the show:

hedera 001

I bring you Hedera. I know, I know. I keep swearing I won’t knit anymore Cookie A. patterns after Pomatomus drop-kicked me. Then I got back up, put my mouth-guard back in and knit Monkey. I knocked that out and I’m in the ring again. I’m having much better luck with this yarn, KnitPicks Sock Memories in “Paper Dolls”. (Sock Memories as a line name has been discontinued; KP now calls it simply Memories and some colorways have been discontinued as well).

I had doubts about whether this yarn would work but with time I’ve come to see Hedera as a pattern that doesn’t really have a distinct pattern, but rather that it’s basic lace. It’ll probably show itself more once it’s stretched out on my fat calves. 🙂

I’m almost finished with the main section of Icarus, and look forward to getting it done and blocked. So far, it’s been a fun ride.

icarus part deux

Not real interesting yet, huh? Worry not, the bind-off is a-coming.

Yeah, I promised pics of the other shawls I’ve finished this month and I keep forgetting. I’ve got to overhaul and rearrange my bedroom because soon I’ll be leaving Verfuckzon and going to something else for internet and phone. I can’t wait! If I disappear for a few days, something got farkled but I will return.

I said last post I might finish Icarus by the end of the month. Hmmyeah, I don’t think so. Not because Hedera stepped into the fray; I’d have slowed down on them just to do more work on Icarus. It’s because I’ve started a mystery shawl that I’m making up myself!!

YES! I’m testing it out on some Misti Alpaca in the Maize colorway. I hope it works out. I said I wanted to spin yarn for and design my own shawl but I was kind of half-assing. Especially with the ump-teen failures I’ve had with making up shawl patterns. But, somehow I’m making good on this… I’ll let you in on it once it looks like something.. hee.

Happy fibering!


4 responses to “Things are looking up.

  1. Oh that sock looks gorrrrrgeous! (and very cute stitch/row marker too!)

  2. Hedera is going to be very pretty with that yarn! Can’t wait to see Icarus in it’s blocked glory!

  3. YAYYY for your own design!!!
    and for Icarus! wohooo! love the memories color!

  4. Ooooo, pretty sock. Can’t wait to see the ‘mystery shawl’ – bet it’ll be smashing!

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