Well, WTF Happened?!

All sorts of stuff, that’s what. I’ve become one of those people who only do one project at a time, so it seems. And yet, cranking stuff out…

(Warning: There are no pics right now. You’ll just have to use your imagination until the sunlight cooperates and I’m actually DONE with things..)

Lombard Street Socks: Done.

I finished them Saturday. On the bus, on the way to K’s house. Heh. I know the other passengers musta thought I was nutto sewing on the bus, especially those too far away to see what I was working on.

Sagittaria got knocked out and I’m almost done with the Lost Caterpillar(Luna Moth) shawl as well. I had a hell of a time blocking Sagittaria and the blocking pics are all I have. Maybe I didn’t bind off loosely enough or something but I probably need to enlarge my blocking area(as if!) and get some kind of wires to help out. The points just won’t act right…

As for the Luna Moth, I’m testblocking to see how well it’ll block out once it’s done. And what’s most farked up about it is that I’m TWO Got damn rows away from doing the edging and didn’t even know it. I got so wrapped up in the chart that I didn’t think to reread where to stop in the pattern. It looks plenty big already, after only 2.6 balls of the DB wool/cotton I’m using. I guess it being a thicker yarn helps. So hopefully that’ll work out and then it’s on to the next lace project. *evil grin*

I also need to get into another sock. And soon it’ll be time to continue working on Stripedy. The weather’s been cool these last few days and that would have been perfect weather for working on it, but the evil shawls took over my brain. I keep looking at my Ravelry queue and going OOOH!, only to find out I’m missing something. Then I go browsing the web and get sidetracked. That’s how the Luna Moth got started.

Aww shit, I don’t even know what to say anymore LOL…



5 responses to “Well, WTF Happened?!

  1. On the realz, Ms. Beans, have you been sleeping? How on earth did you finish Sargittaria that fast? I want answers! And, everything else too? You really making me feel so unaccomplished, and I”ve been knitting, I swear I have!


  2. another lace-aholic!!! It is addicting! hehehe… welcome to the … hmmm… side with the holes in the knitting? 😉

  3. You and your shawls! You knit soooooo fast compared to old slowpoke over here.

    Can’t wait to see some more!

  4. Can’t wait to see the pictures. 🙂

  5. A FO is a FO….can’t wait to see the pics though! LOL

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