Shiny, shiny, pretty pretty…

I’m still out here. Making progress on one thing or another, casting on for new stuff ;), and doing a different craft: Beadwork. I’m not sure if row markers and stitch markers qualify as beadwork, but since they have beads on them, that’s what I’m calling it.

New row markers

I got a bunch of beads from Fire Mountain Gems a few years ago, to make my own beaded markers. I keep losing the things so I figured I might as well have a ready supply of fixings for the task. Shiny, Shiny. I believe these are called “Cat’s Eye” beads? Correct me if I’m wrong. I have fun making these. And I’ve come a long way. My first markers weren’t so pretty and would snag on stuff. But I’ve learned to get headpins or eyepins to make these things.. I also made some non-dangly stitch markers but they got glue all over and are not as pretty so no pics.

On the WIP progress tip, here’s a shot of the VLT #1 scarf, about 1/4 through the 6th repeat. I’m aiming for 7 repeats total before doing the second border. It’s coming out pretty, very little hassles(though I’ve tinked a time or two since the last post), and it’ll block out big. I’m thinking of doing a gradient immersion dyeing technique with this scarf.. what do you think? 🙂 Oh, and don’t worry about that yarn mess on the side there; got that covered.


And you know it: I’ve cast on for another scarf, this time a thicker one for the cold weather. It’s really a bit of an experiment. I was chatting with someone on Skype and she mentioned a scarf where you start out alternating a descending number of stockinette rows with an ascending number of reverse stockinette rows until eventually you wind up with nothing but reverse stockinette. I think that’s what she said :)) Welsh Millie if you’re out there, Thank you!!

I kinda didn’t remember everything she said and took off with it. After I ran out of stockinette I just did garter stitch for a while. Now I’m on my way back down to the nothing but stockinette. I’d do this again in a heart beat and I’ll have had a chance to see where I farked up so I can do it better next time. Also I wasn’t sure what she did with any of the edgings so I have stockinette curling up on me and the sides are all wonky.

" progress

And a close up: "PurlBump" Closeup

That’s part of the rest of the Brown Sheep mill ends I got last year from SheepShed Studio. This will get dyed too. I think when it’s all said and done it’ll go to middle child. I’ll probably fashion a hat and mittens to match.

That’s pretty much it for now.
Catch ya later, gaters!


3 responses to “Shiny, shiny, pretty pretty…

  1. LOVE the stitch markers.. dunno what they are called but they are pretty! ( cat’s eye sounds good to me )
    I am so looking forward to see the dying on those scarfs!

  2. Your beading too! I’ve been doing it off and on for a few months now, in between everything! Love those little toggles on yours. Scarf is so pretty pretty! Now to find a perfect pattern for the Claudia handpaint!

  3. Very shiny! Those are the kind that “glow” when you take pictures of them.

    Cool idea for a scarf!

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