Enter the Mind of BeanKnit…(Part two of the series)

This is the second of a ‘series of posts where I reveal things about my knitting and spinning that you never knew were on my mind.

There’s been a lot on my mind lately when it comes to knitting and spinning. Such as, What to knit/spin next!? There are so many patterns and so many to make up as you go. So many fibers to try and I’ve got a bunch already that I love. It can make a girl go CRAZY(..er than she already is).

Who knew that after a simple pair of socks I’d go on to make so many? And there’s so much more to learn when it comes to them. I’ve knit toe up and cuff down. I’ve used various cast-ons and bind-offs, all of them having a specific purpose and making the knitting work better. It’s amazing watching a new technique unfold right before your eyes. I get a chill thinking about all the ‘A-ha!’ moments I’ve had. My most recent bind-off method learned was the Russian Bind-off. I used it on a swatch I’d been playing with. For some reason I could never seem to get my head around it and then blam! it all made sense. I definitely plan to use this more as I do more toe-up socks and (whisper) lace shawls.

Yeah dammit I said lace shawls. Shoot. I can’t shake the urge to knit lace. It’s so pretty it’s not funny. And it’s not easy either. My best experiences with it were the Charlotte’s Web and Icarus shawls. Now I look back I should have kept on trying that Russian bind off because that’s pretty much what was used in Icarus. I didn’t and the bottom of the shawl won’t make points no matter how much I pull and tug at it. Got dammit. But yeah, lace. I’ve knit socks with lace in them and I’m currently working on a shell/tank with a lace panel in it and it’s not too bad. Then I went fool and joined the Mystery Stole #3 and decided that maybe lace knitting isn’t so bad(til I fuck it up again, at least). So we’ll see how that goes. (I have since dropped out of MS3. I’ve seen what it looks like so far and I no longer find it appealing).

Then there’s sweaters/tops. I’ve made a few, ripped a few and had one felted(I still love you, Frank). The big thing with these is finding(or better still, designing) the right fit/size. That way lies madness, but I’m used to that by now. 😉 I hope to get better at making up my own tops because while I see a lot of stuff out there that I like to LOOK at, it doesn’t mean it’ll work for me. Hell I have enough trouble getting commerically made clothing to fit right. I’m so glad I like to read because in knitting books like Big Girl Knits and The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, I can find inspiration and insight into this thing called Knitting For Me.

Let me stop and harrass you for a minute. Did you know one of the first things I ever knit was NOT a scarf or dishcloth? Hee. I jumped in ass first and tried to knit Sonnet. That thing was insanity. It’s a nice concept but GEEZ it took me forever. And my dumb ass was using Lion Brand Jiffy Thick n’ Quick. Don’t ask. Please. And it was this wild teal blue. That’s a color I can mess with, but not in a bulky yarn. Then there were the Magic Loop socks. I wasn’t content with garter stitch and had to go for stockinette.. in the ROUND. I told you I was crazy. But I’m so glad I didn’t shy away because look where I am today: Drowning in yarn! Hee.

The challenge now is not only to work magic and breathe freshness into my knitting by designing my own pieces, but also to step up the color selection as well. I like bright, loud colors, though I know I shouldn’t always wear them. Not that you can STOP me *evil grin*. The thing is.. My stash is so full of one-ball-of-this and two-balls-of-that, it is a challenge to knit anything interesting without it being the 400th hat or 12,000th pair of socks. Don’t get me wrong, I like knitting those things but there has to be… more. I see people knitting fantastic sweaters and bags out of ‘scraps’ and it always amazes me how they manage to make it all fall into place. (I don’t doubt they STILL have some scraps of the scraps left!). So that’s another task set out for me: whitling down my stash…

Speaking of stash I’ll end this here. It’s calling me and I want to rummage through it.

Next up: Spinning, and how it makes my stash(and possibilities) endless.


4 responses to “Enter the Mind of BeanKnit…(Part two of the series)

  1. The first thing I ever knit was a button up sweater vest for my Hubby who was my boyfriend. His mother taught me and Hubby never wore it because it was really scratchy wool, but it had buttons from a sweater his mother made when he was three years old. From then on it was socks for the kiddos.

  2. Love this post…the first thing I ever knit……can’t remember…but I am sure it was atrocious!!!
    I love the knitters handbook of sweaters!!! I have to get me another copy though, since I lost my old one 😦
    So… soon it will be designing beanz? that would be too cool! Can’t wait!

  3. Kate in Somerset, UK

    You are so right about the scraps of the scraps. They do hang around.

    Love the podcast by the way.

  4. One has to at one point look at the scraps of the scraps and figure out the point at which it turns into garbage. I mean, seriously. If it’s one little eensy ball of yarn what harm is it to toss it? Other than how guilty you feel knowing that it could be a little bag for stitchmarkers or premie cap. But seriously, when are you going to make time to knit the scraps? It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it?

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