WIP Friday and news

First off let me point out that my Podcast is now available in the iTunes directory. The name has been changed to BeanKnits and Spins. There apparently is another BeanCast and it sure as hell isn’t mine. *smile* There will be a new episode coming up soon…

WIP Friday!

First I present to you, Eleanor(from Socktopia):


This is one of those can’t-put-it-down knits. The lace pattern is very easy to memorize and I’d done so before I even got to the heel. Speaking of, see something different there? YEP! It’s a heel flap! Haven’t done one of those in so long I actually had to read the instructions. heh Seriously, though, after the first few rows of it, the technique of turning the heel came back to me easily. I think I finished the sock in two days! A record, even for me, for an adult sock. There will be some more discussion about this sock in the next BeanKnits and Spins episode. 😉

Next up:
Badia front/back

Badia, badia, badia dia dia dia.. oh sorry, got lost in a little Earth, Wind, and Fire there. heh.

I’m honestly not too sure if this will be the front or the back. Either way, the pieces need to be longer than the pattern has me doing it because I have *ahem* stuff to cover. But I’m making this to go over button-downs and such. This yarn isn’t really all that pleasing to my skin. It’s just really pretty as all get-out, and it was 60% off so I had to have it!

Last, but not least:

Mystery Stole 3. That’s not even half way through the 3rd clue. I know. I got sidetracked by Eleanor and trying to work on Badia and spinning Sarabella(almost done!), and starting yet another project that I’ll leave for next week.
I finally did get some highliter pens and will commence marking off the different stitches later today. Hopefully that’ll make it easier to work on.

Oh and before I forget…rockinbloggerbutton

I’ve been nominated a Rockin’ Blogger Girl by Sarah! Woohoo!
I didn’t think I’d be nominated, what with all the other way cooler blogs that were. ThangQ Sarah!

Now, who to nominate next. I choose the ever-crafty Necia, RosiG, pattern designer extraordinaire, and Caro, who’s been hopping and popping all over the planet(it seems!) and still knitting and sewing her ass off. You GO, ladies!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of “Enter the Mind of BeanKnit”, next week.


3 responses to “WIP Friday and news

  1. Congratulations on the Ipod directory!
    I love the red socks! and the Mystery stole is coming out awesome!

  2. HAHA! Thanks, Bean! I

    ‘m liking those Eleanors. That pattern is in my Ravelry queue also. It looks like one of those patterns that you just need to do one. more. row. 😉

  3. Those socks are fantastic! I think I’m going to add them to the queue. And I’m off to hunt down the podcast as we speak. I’ll need something to listen to on the next iteration of our travels.

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