A day late and a WIP short…

Figures I would join the Mystery Stole 3 KAL right before the 2nd clue comes out. But join I did. Yes, I know I said I was giving up lace. Sort of. And yes, I knew that this particular stole was to be considered NOT for lace beginners. But even though I’ve screwed up the last few lace attempts, I think I’m a little bit further along than a beginner. So I jumped in, complete with Jaggerspun Zephyr in burgundy(forgive me not knowing the name).

Oh sure it didn’t help that everyone else’s WIPs were so pretty. Nor the fact that I’m sitting on what looks like a neverending supply of laceweight yarns(thanks in part to me BUYING some just a short while again).

So far: ms3part 1 006

That’s just a few rows away from the end of Clue #1, and I actually finished it before sitting down to type this. You can rest assured I will be starting Clue #2 as soon as I’m done with this. *grin*

I’ve tinked a row or 5(don’t ask) and I’ll be adding in lifelines as it goes on. But overall, it wasn’t too bad. The only thing bugging me now is this:

ms3part 1
My sad ass attempt at keeping track of the rows. Of all the times I could use a Hi-liter pen I don’t have one. It figures.

So that’s my WIP Friday, even if it is Saturday when I post it. I should be duplicate stitched. No progress has been made on Stripedy, I’ve ripped and repurposed the yarn for the Forget Me Not socks(they’re now just plain, I’ll redo the pattern in a different yarn), Phineas is on a shelf calling me nasty names, and the Shawl-I-Can’t-Screw-Up is at a stand still. Add to that the fact that I’ve cast on a shell/tank and I’m headed for knitting hell in a handbasket.

I’ve since acquired the yarn to finish off the bmp pair so after I get these two pairs off the needles I’ll be finishing that up. In between MS3 sessions. *wink*


9 responses to “A day late and a WIP short…

  1. You’ve made good progress for joining late!

    Oh my god, that header of your “wheel on the bus” is awesome!!!!!

  2. your lace looks really pretty! i know it can be frustrating at times (i hear you on the tinking bit), but you can do it, i know you can. =)

  3. I started it on Friday and you’re ahead of me! Good job!

  4. It looks wonderful,,,,and you know you got me thinking that maybe I should try it. Except for one thing,,, sigh,,,,I went on earlier today, (Sat afternoon) and the horrors,,, didnt realize signup was done on Friday. Probably all for the better, sigh, it would be sitting for a long time. And that lacey lamb I just got would have been perfect too!

  5. If that’s a sad ass attempt at keeping your place, mine is even worse. I don’t have any long postits, so I have bunch of small ones. The lace looks good! I really have to get me some Zephyr for something in the future……

  6. Oh I love it bean!!!!!

  7. hey the lace is looking great! maybe it was the shawl shape that was screwing things up, not the lace. you’re making fast progress too!

  8. I tried to find high lighter tape or how ever you spell it at Staples with no luck so I’m using peices for paper. So you can hear me saying a lot to the kids…quite knocking my paper around.lol. I should use tape…duh!

  9. I love your progress on your MS3 stole. Isn’t it fun? And, I agree with the others, you are making fast progress!


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