WIP Friday

While everybody else is posting yarn pr0n on Fridays I thought I’d do something a little different. I’m going to post my WIPs on Fridays. (I hope). I’m not gonna get all into designating certain days of the week for certain types of posts but once a week shouldn’t be too hard, right?

So, let’s have at it. I guess I should point out that I’m actually posting NEW WIPs… Yep, Startitis has reared its ugly head again and I’ve got a bad case of it. Ravelry ain’t helping none, either. I’ve done more queue-rearranging in one hour than a girl prepping for her first date changes outfits.

First up: Forget-Me-Not socks:

I started these the other night. I saw them and I had to have them. The recommended yarn isn’t Cascade Fixation but someone made them from it, so I figured I’d use mine too. Gotta stash bust. I think this is the only color I actually have two of. I’ve already cleaned out my stash area and didn’t find others. What was I thinking when I bought all this? Hee.

Then there’s:

Stripedy. I was going to name it after Sarah’s cat Stripedy Bob, but there’s a “Bob” sweater on knitty already. I’m not submitting this for knitty, though, it’s just something I came up with to use up some ovedyed yarns I had from a previous top-down raglan attempt. Instead of following the pre-calculated measurements given by this pattern template, I decided to go with this one. I mean, ok, I didn’t NEED a pattern to tell me to try it on as I go, but well, after all those ‘measurements’ of the other one I didn’t think I’d really need to. And damn if I wasn’t swimming in it when I was finished. So this time round I’m taking more time to try it as I go and plan some sort of shaping, maybe.

A close up: stripedy-raglan closeup

So that’s it for this week. Monday begins a new era in the Bean household. Stay Tuned!


5 responses to “WIP Friday

  1. I love Stripedy!

    And Monday will be fine….I promise.

  2. I dig those colors you picked for Stripedy.

  3. that sweater will be so cool!
    Monday? what’s going on on Monday?

  4. Pretty Stripedy colors? Yes, what is going on Monday?

  5. Fantastic projects! Love them, especially the rainbowy sweater.

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