If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

There I go messin with stuff and trying to be cute again..

I called myself customizing the Pi shawl from EZ’s Knitter’s Almanac. The pattern in the book isn’t bad, but I figured I’d try my hand at ‘re-designing’ it by replacing the stitch patterns there with something else. I rummaged through my Treasury of Knitting Patterns, book 1, by Barbara Walker for something different and yet not too difficult. The pattern had to have an intermittent row of purls, since the shawl would be in the round. That narrowed it down some, with most of the remaining contenders being some variation or another of what’s in the EZ book.

Then the task was to find something that would jibe with the current stitch count of 288 without too many left over stitches. I figured I’d just make sure that edge was the part that got folded over when I wore it. I thought I’d found something and set to work.. After a while I started doubting my choice.. not because it was a 44 row repeat, but because it just seemed too.. loose. Yes, I know lace is supposed to have holes but these just didn’t seem right. I kept on. after about 22 rows in I decided to spread it out and take a look. Sure enough, it wasn’t going to show well even after blocking.. The needle I was using, a size 4.5mm, was too big for the laceweight and this design. I wasn’t about to knit the whole thing on 3.25mm’s, especially if I had to rip the whole thing.. and I didn’t think the shawl would look right with part of the thing done on 3’s and the rest done on 7s. *sigh*

This is all there was after I took out the needle:
disaster strikes!

A little over 15 inches wide. I’d actually missed the part where I COULD have started using the EZ pattern suggestion but I didn’t to do that so I didn’t rip back to pick up where it would start. So, it’s all a ball of yarn again. At least I used a lifeline.

But all is not turmoil, for yesterday I received a nice morsel of knitting goodness. Cristi sent me some Socka solids!! ThangQ Cristi!!

Socka!! Solids!!

I wanna jump in that burgundy first, it’s so nice.

I have quite a bit of yarn similar to this already but it’s this boring oatmeal beige. I could dye it but since it’s not a plain white the colors will be muted. I will still dye those up someday though..

So, I can eagerly get to planning for all those cool sock patterns that call for solid yarns..

All in all the week wasn’t too bad.. I have other WIPs so maybe I should just concentrate on them for a spell..


6 responses to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  1. Too bad about the shawl, but it looks like you had fun trying something new, right? At least the sock yarn will be fun!

  2. Oh lovely lace… too bad it did not work out. I would have loved to see it, it looked very dainty…
    keep on keeping on! Love to see your knits!

  3. See, that’s why I steer clear of the lace. Lace is like a long term relationship. Too much drama and I’m not sure if I wanna go through all of those yarn overs and knit togethers just to get me a little action. That’s why I like to stick to my socks. Hit and run you know? Bing bang boom, and I’m done, off to the next sock conquest.

  4. Your lace picture reminds me of so many of my own tea shawl pics. Except, well, you’re smart and used a lifeline. 🙂

  5. Lifelines are a lifesaver!!! I hope when you get back to the shawl it will turn out the way you want. You’re brave to mess around with laceweight patterns! I’m not that good yet. I too just posted bad news about ripping something out. It’s a terrible feeling. At least yours sill has a chance!
    Your blue socks are great!

  6. Damn that sucks. I’ve pondered what it might take to substitute other lace patterns into another shawl pattern and I totally chicken out because I know I’d end up in a similar situation. Or screwing up the math. Bleh. math.

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