Solid… as a sock!

(as per Ashford & Simpson, not that pick-up truck commercial).

First off I want to say a big THANK YOU!! to everyone who commented and sent me their thoughts concerning the last post. That $hit just didn’t make any sense. And now, with the RagShop stores closing..I’ll have to find a new hangout for sewing stuff! *muttercussgrumble*

Poke these socks with a fork, they’re done!

And the back of the leg:

This was a runaway knit, for sure. I couldn’t seem to put it down half the time. It was almost as if Startitis doesn’t exist with these. By the second sock, I pretty much had the stitch pattern memorized and it flew off the needles. If the socks look a little, um, fuzzy, it’s because I’ve already worn and washed them once. Hee.

Falling In Love socks(from Feb. 2007 Magknits)
Yarn: ZwergerGarn Opal in Turquoise(Thank you Susann!)
Needle: Addi Turbo 2.5mm circ–gotta love that Magic Loop!
Started June 4,2007–Finished June 12, 2007
Thoughts: With all the hoopla that was Opal yarns I’m a little disappointed with how they fuzzed up after one wear. Granted I’m a figety sleeper and I wore them to bed. Washing them just made them fuzz even more. But overall the pattern held up good. At least it’s superwash and doesn’t felt. As for the pattern, as previously stated I wouldn’t add the cables in again. It was hella fun(most of the time) making them without the cable needle, and I’d like to try that technique again soon. But getting these into a pair of shoes/sneakers? Though I have rather wide feet, I don’t really need wide shoes.. I sure don’t want to buy a pair just for these!

Right after I knocked those out I started the Phineas socks:

I have a confession to make: I lied when I said I didn’t have solid sock yarns. Ok, I didn’t REALLY lie, but rather my stash is so big I’d forgotten about them! So, expect to see more of those nice lace patterns where solids really shine. Like these. Yes. I know it’s in Spanish. I can understand it, so it’s all good. Just follow the chart, right? πŸ™‚

So yeah, Phineas. Been bopping around Ravelry and found that. I’m not brave(read:crazy) enough to try real argyle socks, so these ‘fake’ ones will have to do. they’re knit on 0s–Yes, I said 0s– so these’ll take me a little time. I’ve got other projects I’d like to work on.. I’ve never been comfortable as a one-project person, you know.

Which brings me to:

The Simple, Yet Effective Shawl, from CosmicPluto. Also found this on Ravelry. I saw it and said, “Yessssssssssssssss finally a shawl I can’t screw up!!”, and dubbed it thus. (To be fair I kinda forgot a few YOs but made them up on the return rows. You won’t tell anybody, will you? *pokes lip out sadly*) Hee.
But seriously. This shawl is so damn easy I could cry. I’m already about done with the first of four balls of Jaeger Luxury Tweed I got as a b-day present last year. I intend to keep knitting til it’s all gone. Gotta whittle down that stash. So I can make room for more of these:
Handspun Stash

I’m basically half way through that pile, counting approximate yardage and labeling them. Then I’ll know how much of something I have when I need a yarn. My goal is to be at a point where 90% of my stash is handspun instead of commercial. Hopefully by 2010. Click the picture to see what’s what.

And with that, I’m off. Happy Crafting!


11 responses to “Solid… as a sock!

  1. Ooo! Love your Falling in Love socks! They are pretty quick aren’t they?

    RagShops are closing????? Like ALL of them? WTF?! I am NOT going to freaking Staten Island (to Joanns) when I need some damn fabric, thread or buttons. GRRRR!!!

  2. Turquoise! One of my very favorite colors!!! how lovely they are!! YAY knitting. πŸ™‚

  3. Love the turquoise socks!! Nice job! Neat Phineas socks too!

  4. Um, can you do me a huge favor please. See, I really can’t afford to cast on any more socks seeing as I’m working on two different patterns as we speak and I have about 4 more cued after that. So can you please stop showing off these wonderful sock patterns that you find. I really can’t afford to cast on any more socks at this point in time. Thank you for your consideration and please pray that I don’t cast on for Phineas this weekend.

  5. Oooo luverly socks!

  6. Wow! First off, those socks kick much ass. You know, between that pic and the pics of all the monkey socks I see around, my Red Dwarf socks looks like a morphing of the two. But I’ve never knit either one! Go figure. And wow to all the handspun too! You have some nice stuff there!

  7. Ooooooo, those socks are so pretty! And more socks–I love it!

    The socks are awesome too!

  9. aw! those are the cutest socks that I’ve ever seen! Everyone has to wear some hearts on their feet.

  10. Those socks are bee YOU tee ful! Such a pretty blue – and they look as though they fit perfectly!

    The Phinneas socks are looking nice too.

  11. I like your flickr picture with all the hotspots. That was a great idea.

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