An Open Letter to The Yarn Tree

Dear Yarn Tree,

I stood outside you for almost an hour yesterday, awaiting your opening. Yes, I realize that arriving so early was my own doing, but that doesn’t excuse your end of the deal. Your owner arrived 30 minutes before opening time, and I knew I didn’t have much longer to wait. At 15 to the hour, I peeked in the window to find your owner on the phone, frantically waving at me that she wasn’t open(yet). Not a problem. I still had 15 minutes to wait. I’d managed to keep my 3-year-old entertained that long, 15 more minutes wasn’t going to kill us.

4:00–your new Summer opening times for the weekdays–rolled around but your doors remained locked, the lights out. I know your owner could have seen us standing in front of the window. That is, if she was ready to open. 3YO and I waited. 4:15 rolled around and still nothing. Not even an acknowledgement of our presence, with perhaps the statement that there were problems and there would be a delay. Nothing. So, I took my 3YO who was anxious to ride the train(we took the bus from Brownsville–do you know how far away that is?) back home, and walked away.

Your owner just lost a good customer. Unlike the majority of the time where I probably never spent more than $40 I might have been ready to drop a pretty penny there that day. We stood out there, wishing away the storm clouds–their outpouring we’d somehow managed to avoid all day–while she ignored us.

I might just be one customer. Your owner might feel, “Well, I don’t need your business anyway!”. And that’s fine. But for every customer she serves well, she might see two more. So what does that mean when you lose one? Word of mouth is swift in this town.

I won’t miss trekking all the way to ‘the ends of the Earth’ to visit you, Yarn Tree, with your terrible hours. I’d rather spend my money at other retailers, who provide much better service.


Pissed off former customer

Addendum: If any readers out there think I’m being callous and not caring about her personal problems, keep it to yourself. Had the roles been reversed, I’m sure she’d have wanted my shop on a platter.


10 responses to “An Open Letter to The Yarn Tree

  1. WHY would she even bother to come to the shop if she isn’t going to open it?? That’s seriously messed up. Better to tack a sign on the door that says “Personal problems” or whatever. That was RUDE. I hope you never go back!

  2. I’m shocked that you even made it there, on a bus, from Brownsville, with a 3 year old. For that she should have opened early and given you free yarn.

    (Twice I tried to go there, and it wasn’t opened at the reported time. Don’t know what the deal was, but I haven’t been back.)

  3. Oh Bean! Let her have it! I have been in situations like that and it IS messed up!
    If you have personal problems… stay home and resolve them and tack a sign on the door….I think everybody has bad days but that does not entitle you to take it out on the rest of us!
    I would not go back either!

  4. Ditto, what they all said! You wanted to support your somewhat local LYS, all she had to do was either post a sign or just let you know, not ignore you! People wonder why we order online!!

  5. That’s so weird. If i’m at the shop I’m open – even if it’s off hours. It’s always been that way. I just don’t fathom people sometimes.

    I’m amazed that you held it together wit 3 yr old none the less. I’d be angry too. As for personal problems she might have had, at that point in seeing you, if she had to leave unexpectedly, she could have/should have said something to you.

  6. I cant get over that she didnt let you in once she got there! That was like when I went there the day after I passed her store and she was closed ( I hadnt known about the summer hours at that point), and when I got there AFTER checking that she would be open, I had to wait about 30 mins cause she was walking her dog. BUT she did have a sign in the door stating such, and when she did get back, she let me in promptly. Cant figure this out (shaking head).

  7. Totally awful that she made you and your child wait outside. I am glad you wrote that letter. With the internet at our fingertips, shop owners have to work harder to keep loyal customers. I like how you voted with your dollars. Good job.

  8. I live in Brooklyn, and have pondered a visit (it’s a trek from my Bay Ridge home, too) but I doubt I will go now. It doesn’t matter what a shop offers, posted hours really should be followed closely. What I find unreasonable is that there was someone in the shop and you were ignored. You’re a mom with a child–why not let you in a re-lock if you weren’t ready for the masses!

  9. Stuff like that is so aggravating. What she did was really rude–only serious extenuating circumstances could excuse her keeping you out like that without even an explanation.

  10. You always find great free patterns…love the socks!

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