If at first you don’t succeed, try f*cking it up some OTHER way…

That’s gotta be my new motto for this year. Seriously. If it IS broke, seek repair right away instead of just trying to accept it. If you mess it up.. it’s on YOU.

Thus was Dutchie over the last week. When I first got him, he ran ok. Even though there were some assembly issues. Like how parts of the wheel were already assembled and I got confused when I went to put it together myself. Like how the drive axle didn’t go all the way in the hub and I couldn’t apply one spacer. And how a month or two down the line I’d realize I’d NEED that thing, but had lost it. And THEN, how when I got a replacement, I really had a problem getting the drive axle all the way in and couldn’t get it OUT.



If you want a closer look, just click the photo and you’ll see a bunch of related pics.

I finally managed to get everything to work as reasonably as I can expect, given that one of the screw-holes isn’t deep enough and I have to keep tightening the damn thing.

Once I got THAT settled… loopbatt singles 001
Singles spun from a batt from Loop called Sunset Spectacle(email them if you want one like it. I hope you can get it!)

It doesn’t look quite like that picture, but then I pulled the silk threads out because I knew they’d get on my nerves they way they were seemingly just smashed in there. BUT I will card the threads with some other fiber I plan to spin to ply with them. Why? Because look :

One bobbin has more on it than the other. I could navajo ply but it’s only 3 ounces. I’m gonna have to add a third ply in for a 3-ply without losing yardage. I chose a few colors of the Cotswold I got a while back:3rdplycotswold
So hopefully I’ll be able to make some sense of all this.

As for knitting:

One down, one on the needles. In fact, I’m almost ready for the heel. If I ever make this sock again(and I probably will) I’ll take out the cables on the sides.. It makes the sock bulkier than I’d like and I wonder if I’ll be able to get my feet in sneakers or shoes come winter, with these on. All in all, an easy and fairly quick knit.

Stay tuned for more knitting, spinning and Oh yes! sewing! ๐Ÿ™‚


5 responses to “If at first you don’t succeed, try f*cking it up some OTHER way…

  1. Oh I hope Dutchie feels better real quick! I love that sock, its beautiful. One day, maybe one day.

  2. Oh how horrible to have that happen to your wheel!!!
    I hope you get it all straightened out!
    Love the sock!

  3. So sorry to hear about dutchie. At least you’re able to spin something. What id we do before we had wheels? O h yeah, that’s right….there’s always spindles.

    As for your socks, I see I’ve managed to draw someone else to try falling in love. I agree that the cables are very bulky. Thats the reason that I only did the pattern on the front and kept the whole back of the leg in stockinette.

  4. ooo! I just cast on for those socks. I may have to frogginate though. If I do, I’ll omit the cables. They’re kind of a pain to knit on my flimsy teeny sock needles anyway.

  5. so i know this is kind of late, but i had troubles with the screw that holds the footman onto the axle when i first got Porkchop (McAwesome-Spinsomuch). every 20 treadles or so, i’d have to stop and tighten it so i got some lock-tite or the generic equivalent, put it on the screw, tightened it up and let it set or dry or whatever it does, and i’ve not had any problems with it since. i think the tube of stuff was only a couple bucks at the hardware store. hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

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