Blow your FO’s!!

Gift of Friendship Scarf

You think I wouldn’t?! When you just wanna get the blocking process done and your blocking board takes up 2/3 of your bed, you’ll consider it.

Forgive the shoddy blocking. I wasn’t going for perfectly straight edges because it’s a scarf. It’s just going to get wrapped around some part of the body and well, the edges will be all curled up and stuffed which-ever-way. I was going more for opening up the YOs in the pattern.

Here it is in action, sort of:


The Gift of Friendship scarf(from Tallulah’s World, here on
Yarn: KnitPicks Gossamer in Leprechaun
Needle: US 5(3.75mm) bamboo circ
Started: April 14th? 2007
Finished June 1, 2007
Thoughts: I didn’t work it as long as most other scarves are done because, although the pattern is easy to memorize, after a while it wears on you, being so easy. The length it is suits me just fine.

I’m also done with knitting Daisy sweater number 1. All that remains is seaming and buttoning. Gosh. I’m not that thrilled with seaming raglan sleeves Why would anyone think to have that as part of a pattern anyway? I would think that raglans are the EASIER thing to do when you just wanna knit your sweater all in one piece, especially from the top down. I’m seriously considering making the mate sweater in a slightly different pattern. Same seed stitch border, but with a modified drop-shoulder sleeve. You’ll see it again when it’s closer to done.

Not to be outdone is one half of the bmp socks:
bmp sock #1

The mate will be with a black background. I’m just gonna have to dye the rest of the yarn black because I really think the little men will pop better on a dark background. Should have just done that in the first place, but I wanted to be different :p .

That’s all for today folks. See ya ’round!


9 responses to “Blow your FO’s!!

  1. Ooooh! Such a pretty scarf! I was never partial to green but that Gossamer looks so cool! Cant wait to see both socks on your feet!

    PS My options arrived yesterday! 😉

  2. I LOVE your friendship scarf!!! The colorway is gorgeous too! (Knitting it does get a bit tedious though, doesn’t it? I’m even surprised that I managed to make mine as long as I did!)

  3. Simple, yet very pretty!

  4. Cool sock! I want to make that pattern, but have too many things on the needles and in the wings to start it yet. And I like the combination of the yarn and the pattern for the scarf, too!

  5. I’m loving the way that color knit up in the scarf…very nice!

  6. I love your scarf! well done lovely colouring of the yarn that you used.

  7. oooh, loving the scarf… and the color, very pretty!!

  8. Ooh, I really like that scarf! Nicely done! 😀

  9. Love it! And I’m glad you knit up that yarn that just wasn’t getting any love around here!

    Pretty, pretty.

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