Now, where was I?

It’s been about 3 weeks since the surgery and I’m doing a lot better. Getting around more and feeling almost no pain. I haven’t needed a painkiller in over 2 days(knock on wood). 🙂

To celebrate I cast on another pair of socks.

bmpprog 002

BMP socks

I’m going totally from stash with this. It was a rough start too. I was going for a sort of reverse look with a white background and I have this lone skein of ArtYarns Supermerino 4 that I hadn’t a clue what to do with. So I divied it 65/35 and dyed it two colors. It started out as yellow and I’d planned on making it orange and green. I must have added too much RIT or something because I wound up with red-orange and NAVY BLUE. Don’t ask. So much for that. So, I’ve subbed the ArtYarns with Lorna’s Laces, in Lorikeet.

Have you heard of Ravelry?


Slowly but surely, beta-tester invites are being extended to those who sign up for this really cool knitting and crochet community where users can interact in ways you never thought about! You can search for others who’ve used the same yarns you’re thinking of, worked the same patterns you’re planning on, and you can check others’ stashes, and patterns on their to-do list!! Discussion boards, avatars, and you can put in pics of your WIPs and FOs! Go sign up, or wait for the site to open to the public, which should be real soon!

I’m gearing up again for spinning. I’ve gotten quite a bit of new fibers to play with and I can’t wait to start experimenting with dyes and spinning up the results! I hope I don’t have anymore of those RIT accidents. 😉

I am by no means a food enthusiast; I just like to eat! The other day I ‘discovered’ a new snack: frozen seedless grapes. I went and bought a bag of grapes and put them in the freezer to speed chill them; I like my fruit cold as possible. I forgot them and well, they got frozen! But I took a few out, rinsed them(kinda forgot that part, oops!), and bit them..OMG I’m in heaven!! They’re so good!! Who knew! Crunchy like M&Ms but much healthier!! This is especially what I need, since I’m trying to get rid of all my excess weight.. now I can eat and not feel so guilty.

Sewing is on hold while I do more research on how to get things just right. But if you’re sewing-sick and need a fix, check out Dogged Knits, Oiyi’s Crafts, and Skip to my Lou, right there on the sidebar. And CooknKnit has a new sewing FO up as well. Go! And tell em I sent you. And well, no, they’ll probably see it in their blog stats anyway, hee.


4 responses to “Now, where was I?

  1. You’re on Ravelry and you haven’t requested to be my friend yet??? My feelings are hurt!
    Not really, I just felt like being a little dramatic. I love how those socks are coming along. Ijust finished a big sock expedition so I’m ready to cast on some simple socks next.

  2. You too with the ravelry! Gah! I’m STILL waiting on my invite!

  3. Yeah I’m waiting too! OOoh another Beancast! I’m just waiting for the Bean to spin again too!

  4. OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooh love the socks!!!
    Ravelry? Ravelry! I have to go check it out finally.. I want to an want to and never get around to it….I will go RIGHT NOW….

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