Miss me?

I’m back got dammit. Hurt up and recovering but back. Just give me a little time. Surgery went well, and according to the doctor, everything in question is benign! I did lose some blood, and being anemic just makes that worse, but nothing along the lines of needing a transfusion.

Spinning by wheel(my preferred method) is still out for a bit so I might have to feed my crafting insanity with some new crochet(yeah, you read that right!) projects. I am also stewing up some sewing, though not a whole lot, as I don’t have a huge fabric stash (yet 😉 ) and pressing the pedal is tantamount to treadling a wheel. At least when I need to rest I can stitch or hook away while sitting up in bed–no feet needed.

The Gift of Friendship is truly that, as while I was recuperating in the hospital I got some lovely and exciting gifts from knitting friends. Among them were a beautiful bouquet of flowers(damn, why didn’t I take a pic!?) and “Teach Yourself Visually… Handspinning”! Thank you ladies, so much for your generosity and kindness. You made my heart smile! I’ve browsed the book and will do a more involved review in a future post.

I did manage to eek out a dress before going into the hospital:

wrap dress 003

This is my rendition of the One-seam Convertible dress, as found here. Keep in mind it’s not HER pattern but rather her interpretation of such type of dress and showing us how we can make our own. ThangQ Rowena!!
It’s been a long time since I sewed clothing for myself and after seeing the many dresses made from her tutorial I had to give it a shot. I cut my head out of the pic because I was tired and deranged looking.

The dress(or rather my skills in making this dress) need improvement. I’ve since picked up some tips on how to get better coverage for an undergarment, and I also learned a little more about fabric stretch and how it can really fark up a pattern 🙂 I had another RagShop coupon to use so I just grabbed what I liked. I need to slow down next time I go fabric shopping.

As for knitting, speaking of the Gift of Friendship, I took the scarf with me so I could work on it while in my hospital room. No, I’m not crazy taking lace to work on while on strong pain meds; the pattern is easy enough to remember that you can tell when you are in the repeats so as not to make a mistake. I spent more time zonked out than knitting anyway, but managed to put some miles on it, so it’s definitely longer than the last time you saw it. I probably won’t photograph it again for the blog until it’s done.

In the meantime, I’m also making progress on another pair of plain socks. Gotta use up that stash! Koigu PPPM in a color I don’t remember. Bought this way back in 2005 when I was full of that shop called Purl. I tried knitting something with it before, so I’ve since lost the ball band. (I need to stop DOING that!).

Well that’s it for this one. On with recovery!

ETA: OMG these pain meds must be better than I thought! Where’s my brain? To all the blogging, crafting moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!(US)


16 responses to “Miss me?

  1. I did miss you! Glad you’re okay!

    And now – now I want to sew. Gah!

  2. Yay Bean! Glad to have you back safe and sound.

  3. So glad you’re back and healing up!!!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!

    Glad you’re bouncing back. Love that dress and I live the fact you cropped your head out too. Glad I’m not the only one that does that!

  5. Glad you’re back. I didn’t know you’d been unwell and in hospital. Hope your recovery is swift and easy.

    Happy Moms Day – and thanks for the e-card.

    The dress is lovely – I cheat with my machine as it doesn’t use a foot pedal – makes life and sewing speed control a lot easier.

    Love the dress.. wish I could sew!
    oh yeah and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!
    Thanks for the card…loved it!

  7. Glad to see your feeling well enough to post, love hearing/seeing what your up to! Thank you again for the lovely card,, and hope you get better real fast to get those treadles going again.


  8. Of course we missed you. I’m glad to hear that your doing well. That dress looks like it’ll be nice and cool for the summer.

  9. Yes we missed you! I’m glad your feeling better. I love the dress. It has inspired me to try and sew one for me:) It nice to have mutliple ways to wear it.

  10. Glad you are doing better! Hoping your recovery goes quickly for you!

    Nice dress there, looks very comfy!

    Take care!

  11. Glad to hear you are well Beans! Nice try at the convertible dress. It’s been on my list forever! I need to work up my cutting more than 1yd of jersey confidence, if you kwim. Slippery. Here’s to a speedy recovery.


  12. Love the dress, and so glad to hear you’re ok. Recovering is going to suck, but wow, no more AF, and you’ll love it!


  13. That dress has one seam?! wow! I love it and want one, too!

    happy to have you back!

  14. Missed you!

    Oh…I’m so glad you’re on the mend. (Get it? Ah, well at least I thought it was funny). Great dress by the way.

    Have fun hooking (OK, I’m trying not to laugh on that one)…are you crocheting a zig zag blankie I keep seeing all over blogland?

  15. Glad everything was benign! Hope you’re recuperating quickly!

  16. Hope you are doing better! Thank goodness our crafts can be done while recuperating : )

    I have had to get caught up on your blogging because I’ve been absent for awhile too. How did you like the SheepShedStudio roving? Is that the sale stuff? It looks absolutely gorgeous spun up. I’ve wanted to purchase about 30 lbs. worth, but haven’t come across anyone who has used it yet? What are your recommendations?

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