Hey, wanna check out my ‘draws’? LOL

Hee. You didn’t think I’d REALLY show you my underpants, did you?! Geez.

I promised you spinning videos.. and here they are!

Short Draw

Long Draw(sort of)


ETA: the Ugly Batts come from High Prairie Fibers.

The high-pitched squeaking in the second video is the damn parakeets!


10 responses to “Hey, wanna check out my ‘draws’? LOL

  1. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing!! As for the Ugly Batt, boy is that ever huge! It’ll be interesting to see just how much you get from it! Love the green! You may it look so easy to a non-spinner! 🙂

  2. Thanks Bean! I loved watching your videos and seeing thing from your perspective. I’m an inchwormer myself also. Especially with the merino.

    I just got that spinning for softness and speed book also and her technique is really hard. I tried it on the hand carded cheviot and I had to go back and retwist the stuff I attempted that technique on.

    After I finish writing this, I’m definitely headed to take a look at those ugly batts. I have a weird fetish for slubby bumpy yarn (don’t laugh).

  3. Your welcome! At least I know what to try to do with mine after seeing you in action. Hey you know it would make a very funky yarn for making a nice thick felted bag! Hmmm,, now I’m getting some ideas! And the price is right for experimenting with this stuff. Lord knows there is plenty of it!

  4. I love watching you spin 🙂 I guess I use more of a longdraw technique when i spin,although i pinch the yarn draw it out then let the twist go, i know its hard to explain and easier to show if i had a video of it.

    and i have my hand around the other way, pinch with my left & draw from my right, I dont like doing it the other way as it feels uncomfortable to me, most of the women in my spinning guild have their hands like yours. 🙂

  5. YAYYY bean TV… love it!

  6. Wonderful videos. I loved watching your technique. I can definitely relate to putting down the little people for some crafty quiet.

  7. YAY VIDEOS!!! /me snorgles Bean with the happiness

  8. that looks like a lot of fun. thanks for sharing.

  9. Hay. Just found your site from the long draw video on youtube. Love your most recent sets of socks.

    I have a couple of suggestions about long draw. The fiber prep has to be really loose and fluffy. For the Ugly Batts you’ve got, I would card it again or predraft it to loosen it up. That way there are no lumps and bumps to smooth out with a second hand as you go along.

    Second, you already know you have to slow down the treadling at first to learn this, so REALLY slow down. Without fiber, try treadling as slow as you can go while still keeping the wheel spinning. Then try spinning that slowly with fiber, drafting fast enough that you just hold the yarn together. Add extra twist if you need it just before winding on. Long draw is actually a really fast method once you get the feel.

    It’s a really useful to learn, since it’s the same basic technique you’d use for a support spindle, a charkha, or a great wheel, if you ever want to do those.

    Happy to have found your blog & videos.

  10. Hi! I was directed here by the gal from Spunky Eclectic. Your videos were really interesting and helpful! I’m getting my first wheel soon and am sort of intimidated about learning to spin on a wheel, but your videos made a lot of sense. Thank you!

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