Letting go is.. easy as a sock! :)

I’ve tried everything I could. It just won’t work. It’s time to face facts.

I didn’t know what I was doing when I bought that Shetland fleece and wound up with something I can’t use. I have handcards(though I’m told they’re not fine enough), and I recently acquired combs. Neither method is working. I took some fresh fleece from the unwashed portion and washed it, thinking maybe I’d messed up the fiber in the cleaning process. Well, it looks as matted pre-wash as the batch I first started with. Out it goes. What a waste. Thankfully, it wasn’t expensive.

I learned that the fleeces shorn from sheep that are covered are better(which is why they cost more?). This bargain, clearly wasn’t. I know, I know; hand processing takes time and you are rushing. No. If I’m doing it by hand I sure as hell can’t be in a hurry, can I? I’ve simply been mismatched fiber-to-tools.

Indigo Hound Viking Combs

Lethal, aren’t they? šŸ˜‰

The combs will come in handy. I can always just use the one as hackle. But, if I had just gotten a hackle and decided to comb… I’ve learned also that combing really does take a bunch out of your fiber. It makes me wonder if I’m even doing it right. But since I mainly hope to make my own color blend from commercially prepped fibers, I’m not too worried about technique.


I’ve since finished the first sock and am almost half finished with the mate. That was me trying on the sock to get an idea of how much more knitting to do before grafting the toe. With the second sock, I can just hold it up against the first. Easy-peasy!

Have you seen these?:

These just came in yesterday and OOOWEEE… Teach Yourself Visually…Knitting Design
seemed like a good book to help me create my own patterns for things I like to knit. It has simple instructions that can be expanded on to come up with your own designs. There’s sections on embellishment, working with color, and other useful tips and techniques to spice up your knits. I have to read it more thoroughly, but I think this book will be one that’ll get a LOT of use in the future.

Then there’s One Skein Wonders. At first, when I’d heard about this book, I confused it with One Skein, another book with a similar name. So I didn’t pay it much attention. Then I saw the cover and realized it was a totally different book!

This book really DOES give you patterns and ideas that just take one skein of yarn, be it something you have laying around in your stash or that one ball of yarn you can’t afford ten of. I’ve had a chance to look through the book and I already see some goodies I can’t wait to make!

I keep promising stuff and then forgetting. As soon as I remember the weather’s messed up or helpers are not available.. I’ll get it together!

Happy Spinning/Knitting!!!


6 responses to “Letting go is.. easy as a sock! :)

  1. Hi Ladybean, I never wash a fleece before spinning it, you need the natural lanolin that a fleece contains to help it spin, i use a normal mens straight comb to brush the tops and the ends of the fleece, and then off i go & spin it. those combs are huge! and i dont think id know how to use them either.
    your sock is looking great, & has lovely colours in it.

  2. I think I may be in the same boat . I got some fleece cheap and it’s nice and soft and all but it has sooooooooooooo much VM. I mean like the sheep must have just rolled around all over the grass 24/7. Luckily it doesn’t have chunks of poop in it but it’s just annoying the heck out of me. I’m thinking of getting a comb (like a regular comb) and maybe combing it out before I card it to try and get most of the VM out. Whatdaya think?

    BTW, I like the lace pattern on your sock. What yarn is that?

  3. You have carders and combs???? LUCKY YOU!!!
    I am still drooling over them.. every time I think I am getting myself some, there is some roving or yarn or something , that I can’t live without and there goes the money for the fiber tools…
    Aaahhhh one of these days…
    GLad you got them though!

  4. The vegetable matter has to be taken out by hand… there is no way around it… a bit will come out combing or carding, but the main part has to be taken out by hand…

    I don’t like spinning in the grease with the lanolin still on the fiber…
    I do clean it first…

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I have some Cormo that was died but is still slight dirty. So that is back in the stash until warmer weather so that I can clean it outside. Nice combs! Where did you get them, I ‘m looking for some to add to my tools. The sock is coming out nice!:)

  6. Nevermind the leathal weapons, ‘sup with the sock technique? Afterthough heel but not with waste yarn? You have some stitches resting on a circ, but did you have to cast on new stitches for the sole to keep going? I’m confused. Well, fascinated. But still confused. Please ‘splain.

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