Goody Two-Knits

Been busy this past week or so. I will just get to the point pictures.


The Quilted Lattice Socks, in use. It’s not often you’ll see an FO ON me, or in use. I don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s time for a change. I like how they fit snug in the shoe so I don’t go slipping around. And the clogs were so cheap it wasn’t funny. I had to have them. Bring on Spring!


I ripped the Sheri’s Lace sock and restarted a size down. These are knit on 66 stitches and were way too big for me. I might have wide feet but not THAT wide. As usual I’m exchanging heels. The pattern calls for a heel flap get-em-up and I’m not all that fond of that. I prefer either a short row heel or an afterthought heel, and with the more precise customizability of an afterthought heel I’m liking it even more.

This past weekend I got the pleasure of meeting up with Bezzie, Stephie, Erica, and several other Knitties at the Point to kick off a yarn crawl. We sat, sipped, nibbled, knit and chatted; while there Karen gave me this:


Cotton/silk fiber to spin, and some luscious teas to drink: Chocolate Chai(WhyTF doesn’t my local market sell this Celestial Seasonings? They sell every other *uckin flavor!), and oh-my-stomach-gasmic Key Lime Colada!! I haven’t used any of it because for days, I can’t seem to make up my mind WHICH one to drink first! Decisions, decisions. ThangQ K!

Just to show you I haven’t stopped spinning(did you really think I did?), here’s a pic of the rest of the SheepShedStudio white roving, in various stages of completion:


I’ve already 2-plied some and I have a little left on another bobbin, plus that full bobbin you see there. I plan on spinning the rest onto that last bobbin and 2-plying that too. Then perhaps I’ll dye it some wild colors!

Not to be forgotten is the Merino/Tencel blend I received a bit ago:


Navajo plied of course. I promise I will measure these. I just got my yarn meter in the mail last week and unfortunately it’s not meant for me to measure straight onto a niddy-noddy(dammit!) so I need a wingnut(butterfly nut?) to secure my ballwinder to the table and do the swift and ballwinder thing. Then I have to turn around and wind it BACK into a hank for storage. Ah well, it beats trying to count the strands of yarn and then being distracted and having to start allll over again. You don’t know how often that happens here!

Worry not, I’m still working on that video of me spinning. It’s a-comin!



15 responses to “Goody Two-Knits

  1. Those Quilted Lattice socks are hot!!! WTG!! Your handspun is looking good too!! Ohh..chocolate chai!! I gotta look for that! Enjoy!

  2. Yeay! Bean in Action!

    Those are some sassy socks! …. and my goodness your handspun yarn is fantabulous – is that a real word?

  3. Those are some awesome socks!! They make me happy just looking at the crazy colors!! And your spinning is beautiful – I need to get back to my wheel, she is feeling neglected.

  4. I love those socks, and yay clogs! Where are they from?

  5. How the hell are the singles on that bobbin so FREAKING even and neat?!?!?

  6. Those socks are so cool! And your spun yarn looks fantastic.

  7. Clogs are hawt! I want details! Socks are even hawter! You, the hawtest! I wanna be just like you when I grow up. I wanna navajo ply too. Tips?


  8. Love the Hott Clogs and Sexy Socks! Wooooooooo!

    Merten is so pretty. I love comparing your Navajo plied to my 2 plied! Way cool.

  9. woho wohohooooo… nice legs there bean!!!
    LOVE the quilted socks!
    and the handspun is looking yummy!!! I love the colours of the last picture!!

    Miss chatting with ya..

  10. whichit said:

    “I love those socks, and yay clogs! Where are they from?”

    Since you didn’t leave an email address I thought I’d respond here. The clogs were purchased at Kmart.

  11. Those are some shexy sox! What’s the white fiber from Sheep Shed? Its pretty stuff. I just got a batch of their mill ends in and can’t wait to spin it up.


  12. Great looking spining!
    Oh and…The yarn for Sheri’s lace socks look awesome! What is it? I think my daughter would love it.

  13. I love those socks, but the photo is priceless. Probably the BEST sock FO photo that I’ve ever seen.

  14. Love the socks and they really rock out your clogs.

    I am so impressed with your lovely even spinning – *sigh* I must practice more.

  15. The Key Lima Colada Tea sounds great! What a great gift. The Sher’s Lace sock is turning out really pretty in the pastels.

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