Well, it sounded like a good idea…

I’m a real Jean E. Yuss. I’m looking to dye some fiber and since yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d combine fiber dyeing with a holiday theme. I’d also recently picked up a tip for dyeing loose fiber, which was to encase it in pantyhose to hold it all in place. Pantyhose are porous enough to allow the dye through, though I used Kool Aid among the dyes, and so it dyed the hose too.

I set to soaking the fiber, collecting my dyes and boiling water to dissolve the stubborn colors. I even took pictures of the progress from time to time. Went through ALL THAT WORK, musing all the while about my St. Patty’s Day ‘haggis’. And then it hit me: Haggis is a SCOTTISH food, not IRISH. I cried. That’ll teach me to pay attention in history class, huh?

Truth be told, we didn’t learn about haggis in school anyway. It’s just something I heard about years later, as an adult. Did it occur to me to remember which culture it came from? Nooooo.. Oh well, at the very least, I’ve got some pics for you. Enjoy!

The Making of a St. Patty’s Day ‘Haggis’


3 responses to “Well, it sounded like a good idea…

  1. OMG that sounds so neat and seems much easier! OK,,, you’ve given me the oomph I need. I just might try that today. Off to Walmart for Kool-Aid!

    It came out simply gorgeous!

    It just simply looks too cool. Thank you for the idea!

  2. OOH love St. paddy’s day green!
    I dyed in a pantyhose before, but only if I have plant dyestuff.. that way it does not get tangled in the roving and I don’t have to spend time fuzzing it out… maybe I will try it with Koolaid too…seems to give it a great varigated effect!
    hope to chat with you soon somewhere agian!

  3. you made it all look so tidy too

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