Oh! Hello there!

I was paying attention, really I was. Just got a little distracted. hee.

Meet my new best friend, Tensioned-Kate. This one doesn’t have a problem with food though. Her feet don’t always stay on though, so some super-glue is in order.

forair 001

Kate’s been helping get my navajo plying together. There are still some kinks to work out, but overall, tensioning has improved my plying, period. Now, if I could just remember to measure out my fibers before spinning so I can come close to even amounts on 3 or 4 bobbins..

Speaking of bobbins, can someone explain to me why Majacraft bobbins are more expensive than Fricke bobbins when they’re the same damn thing?? No, really! Sheesh.

I’ve been under the weather the last few days, but intermittently I’ve been able to spin some of the Spunky Eclectic Navajo Gems BFL:


I like being able to spin thin, but I don’t want to do it ALL. THE. TIME. Also, I kind of prefer my thin yarns to be shinier and this fiber isn’t all that shiny. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it, but I’m gonna have to spin the rest of this up thicker..

Like this merino-tencel, also a spinning WIP:

But worry not, for I HAVE been knitting:


Wonderful Wallaby!! I’ve finally started a sleeve. I got to knit on it a bit while waiting to see a doctor but I had to stop!…because I left the proper size needles at home! grrr… When I got home though, I simply switched out the needles and there you have it. I wonder if the sleeve won’t be too big, but then I remembered the recipient will probably be wearing it with a top underneath so, it should work out fine. It’ll be a lesson learned, for sure.

I’ve completed Elbac, though with a ‘revision’ or two, and in a few days I should have my blocking board so I can block it. I already wore it once but it’s too narrow; I just wanna block it out some.

That’s it for now.. I promise not to stay away so long

Oh, and stay tuned for a new BeanCast. Unfortunately there were some problems with the recording of Episode 9 at K’s house, so I’m going to have to re-record the pod with just me alone.


9 responses to “Oh! Hello there!

  1. Saw your comment on mine. I’m sorry that I probably made you sick, 😦 Sigh so much for me giving you a ride home and a souvenir. Your spinning looks wonderful on your Fricke. Hey also wanted to let you know, I started on that Hollyberry fiber! πŸ™‚ Pic to follow!

  2. Love the colors you’ve spun so far! Glad you are feeling better! It was nice to meet Tensioned-Kate πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful spinning.
    Fricke reams out the majacraft bobbins to fit their wheels, so they’re is even more work in them. I have no idea why Majacraft charges more – maybe because they can πŸ™‚

  4. Your singles look like you’ve been using a spinning wheel forever! They look marvelous. Love the colors.

    I love my tensioned Kate too. It sure does makes plying a lot easier. Recently I had to order more bobbins because I like to use my Kate to store singles on and try to figure out multiples and various color combinations to ply. Next, I’ll probably be asking for another Kate for my birthday!

  5. Beautiful spinning – lovely colours. Chat is very quiet without you 😦 there’s been an exodus of old faces recently *sigh* I bet you’re all busy spinning *winks*

  6. YAYY beanie! So good to hear from you again!
    LOVE the collours of your fibers!
    A tensioned kate huh? me needs one!
    Hope you are having fun ! Hope to talk to you soon!

  7. I love the Navajo Gems, and the Mer-ten!

    Nice spin, as always!

  8. I can’t even begin to think about plying yet. I need to figure out how to pace my treadling so I’m not overspinning. Once I get that done, I might be able to learn this whole plying thing.

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