*screams* It’s Here!!(long post)

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There he is in all his glory. My Flying Dutchman has arrived!!! I don’t know where to start. *steps up to mic and hopes some angry rap artist doesn’t crash the stage while she’s talking*

I’d like to thank Sarah for putting me on to the Fricke wheel. All along I knew I’d be getting myself a wheel, loving spinning as I do. But spindles were too slow and thus frustrating. A wheel it must be. I asked around, did a lot of online research, and after Sarah told me about the Fricke I was hell bent on trying one at Rhinebeck last year. I read with trepidation how the Fricke’s mostly stayed West Coast for fiber festivals earlier that year, and so probably wouldn’t be at Rhinebeck. They weren’t. But I still got to try one. Thank you Sarah!

Enter Prime Enabler Val, who scouted out a Fricke DT for me to try. Oh, how my heart skipped, that after the long tiring(but fun!) day, I would at last see my beloved Fricke in person. I sat. I spun. I mourned, for I knew I didn’t have the funds to go home with it at that moment. I plotted and schemed(read: waited for tax season), a way to obtain my wheel. Sweet offers came and went but I was afraid to send money out to non-business strangers(that’s just how I am–don’t ask). Thank you Val!

I checked a few online retailers and settled on Woodland Woolworks(why do I keep typing wooDworks?). I ordered, totally unaware the wheel would be backordered. Truthfully, I knew there might be a wait, but I wasn’t prepared for what would eventually happen. A month went by and no sign of Dutchie. I queried Woodland and they were genial but I just didn’t feel right waiting any long. I hemmed, I hawed, and then just resigned myself to waiting forfreakingever.

THEN! Mikomiao, probably tired of me whining about Dutchie(as I’m sure everyone was), dug around on the net, and eventually led me to Spunky Eclectic, where the very wheel I wanted was not only for sale, but in STOCK. There has never been a two-word phrase more sweet sounding than, “IN STOCK”. I got on the horn and ordered that wheel faster than you can say whiplash! In three days flat, Dutchie was at my door! WEEE! Thank you Miko!

*exits stage left, hoisting Dutchie proudly above her head at waist-level*

Now, for some hot triple S(SpinSpinSpin) fiber action!

That’s some juicy BFL, in Navajo Gems, AmyBoogie of Spunky Eclectic sent me along with Dutchie! This, my friends, is that blue/green you just can’t get from Kool Aid. I’ve even tried it with Wiltons and STILL didn’t get it right. I can’t wait to dig in. BFL is one of my favorite fibers to spin. Thank you, Amy!

held a spinning/knitting gathering at her place yesterday. It was SO much fun. I even recorded another Beancast with the girls, so hopefully you’ll all get to hear that real soon! While there, with Nancy, Miko, Val, and Amy(Weaselrina), we got our spin and chat on and, I got even more fiber goodness:

The white fiber is more mystery wool from Karen, the black curls are natural Cotswold from Miko, and Nancy gifted me with some of the mill end fibers she bought recently. Mmmmm fun! Thank you so much ladies! Spin-Knitties ARE by far the most thoughtful, generous people I know.

Not to be outdone, I’ve got goodies from Sarah to show.

Some Merino-Tencel she gifted me. This stuff is amazingly soft and might be the second most favorite fiber for me. I just know I’m going to want to get more of this to spin.. and I know just where to get it, too. She also sent two hanks of a luscious green/white laceweight, not pictured here. You’ll just have to use your ‘magination. 😉 Thanx again, Sarah!

Here’s a pic of a sample of the superwash Merino I dyed a few weeks ago, Navajo plied. Also in the picture is some of the mill ends Nancy gave me, also Navajo plied, both on my new Dutchie!

I wanna thank Val again for showing me how to Navajo ply more effectively. I was getting all these coils of one part of the single around the rest of the ‘plies’ because of the way I’d reach in to get the next loop. I was holding the main loop with one hand, and grabbing for the next with the OTHER HAND. I see now that’s not a good idea, at least for me. So, while it’s nowhere NEAR perfect, it’s a major improvement, and I’m forever grateful.

With the wine, spinning, snacks and knitty camraderie, we had a rollicking good time! I can’t wait to do it again!


12 responses to “*screams* It’s Here!!(long post)

    I am so happy for you!

  2. Congratulations on your Dutchie. She looks lovely. Im a bit jealous of your spinning party, but I know ya’ll had a blast. Happy spinning!


  3. Congrats! Yay you got your Dutchie!! You have lovely fibers to practice with now! Your new handspun is lovely! WTG! Sounds like you all had a great spinning time! 🙂

  4. Yay!!!!! Lucky you – very green and envious. Have lots of spinny fun.

  5. The joys of a new spinning wheel 🙂
    I hope it serves you well.

  6. If you thought making yarn from a drop spindle was addictive, wait until you’ve had your wheel a couple of months! You just opened up a whole new world of talents waiting to be found…

    The yarn looks great!

  7. YAY! Congratulations on getting the wheel finally. I know you’ll be happy, but we want to see you in chat… so don’t abandon us.

  8. yay!

    I’m SOooooooooooooo happy you went with Spunky.

    Happy to pimp a Fricke anytime!

  9. Congratulations on joining the club. Spinning on a wheel is like no other. I kind of wish I had a spinning club like yours. I have yet to spin on wheel with other people but, enjoy the wheel!!!!

  10. It’s here! At least now I understand why you have not around lately…you are busy spinning! Glad you are having a blast 🙂

    Congrats on the newest member of your [knitting/spinning] family.

  11. so cool. lovely wheel, lovely yarn, lucky you!

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