Just call me CrankyPants…

Where’s my F-in Wheel?! Ok. There I said it. That’s the Big News…

I’m expecting delivery of a brand new Fricke S-160DT wheel. I ordered it almost a month ago. I’m still waiting for shipment and I’m getting impatient. Those people are lucky the Kromski Sonata doesn’t have a high speed flyer yet, and they’re lucky the Woolee Winder people are 2 Months Behind! , because if all was right in that neck in the woods I’d cancel the order and get a Sonata and WW from somewhere else. I hate hooks. There I said it. I’d get a Louet Victoria JUST for the sliding loop thingy but, 1) it also doesn’t have a high speed flyer yet, and 2) the price went up about $200!!(that’s a load of horsepucky… what are they thinking???)

In other news!! ELBAC!(where I just found out the other day, it’s ‘cable’ backwards.. Smart.)Linky-link in the sidebar.

I’m making this in Elann Peruvian Uros Aran, on size 7 needles. Elbac’s an easy pattern to memorize after awhile and I love that about it. I can definitely see me making another one of these, perhaps for next winter. I had this yarn in my stash, so no new yarn purchases!!

Then there’s this:

Wonderful Wallaby!! My search for an easy sweater to make for the kids may very well have come to an end. I’m sure I can adapt this so’s not to include the pocket and give it a slightly different look. I decided to make the pocket a different color on a whim, but it wasn’t a required part of the pattern. It’s awaiting the attachment of sleeve stitches. I need to get something else off the needles I need for them.
The pattern itself is a bit convoluted and requires reading all over the booklet but I think I’m managing ok. I guess the authors just wanted to make sure the pattern was thoroughly understood.

I think now is the time to tell you I snuck in a Calorimetry at last minute for going to a party. It didn’t get worn, because it was TOO BIG. Only after making it did I find other bloggers indicating they used less stitches and/or did less short row repeats to get a better fit.. I swear, I’m a Jean Yuss. I also don’t have the kind of hair that just lays flat so it didn’t sit on my head right anyway.. I’d have to use less stitches and less short rows to get more of a headband instead of just a half-hat. What was I thinking? I knew 120 stitches was too much but my dumb ass went ahead anyway… That’s what I get. So that’s going to take a dip in the frog pond, for re-knitting.


Top to bottom:
The superwash Merino I got from the Yarn Tree.
I dyed it RED! with some Jamaica Kool-Aid with a bit of Scarlet RIT thrown in for good measure. Boyyyyyyyyyy I can tell you, I rinsed for an hour and it still bleeds faintly. Thank goodness it’s superwash, the way I squeezed the hell out of it. It would have felted for sure if it wasn’t superwash.

Next is some Cotswold curls in a rainbow of colors, from the SheepShed Studio–the mill ends people. It still has some VM in it but I’ll get that out myself. My plan so far is to sort by color, see how much of each color I have and try to put them in some sort of order so I can spin the mother of all striping yarns :)). It sounds crazy, but I might have to get a white fleece of some sort and card that along with the curls for a wild, barber-pole-y, stripe-y concoction!

Ohhh the possibilities..

Last but not least is the yummy brown/black blend of wool. I don’t know what kind of wool Lamb’s pride uses(is it Merino?) but the blend reminds of me Ashland Bay(pardon my French… *wink*)

I’ve been trying not to think of these goodies waiting for me.. I guess I’ll have to dig my heels in and stand my ground. I WILL knit.. I WILL knit.. I WILL knit

Now, where’s my F-in WHEEL!? πŸ˜€


6 responses to “Just call me CrankyPants…

  1. I’m glad you ordered your wheel, and i”m confident it’s on it’s way, they just forgot to send you shipping info. Did your order it direct?


  2. Ooh yay! I knew you’d be getting one soon. How exciting for you! Yay!

    And may I just say, the pr0n you’ve been posting is simply scrumtious!

  3. Sending good thoughts that it’ll be in your hands soon!! Lovely fibers there! BTW: don’t feel bad, I too did my first Calorimetry like the pattern, the 2nd one, I adjusted! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi CrankyPants. πŸ™‚

    Be patient…it’ll come. It’ll come when you least expect it, actually.

    Will you be bringing any of that fiber for me to fondle on Sat.?

  5. YAYYYY for your wheel.. boo for the woolee people beeing behind like that .. I wanted one too this year….well I guess waiting is the thing to do πŸ˜‰
    I am glad you finally get your wheel!!! I know you will love it as much as I love mine …

  6. I hope your wheel shows up soon πŸ™‚

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