That’s what I get…

for being cute.

If you look more closely, you’ll see on the right side of the scarf.. the gauge is finer than on the left. How’d that happen? Well I spindle spun all of this fiber, which was Ashland Bay merino. I stopped spinning the fiber before I was finished with the lot and when I picked it up again, I’d managed to spin the rest thinner.

All of it is navajo plied. I’m going to rip the thinner area and reknit with doubled yarn since I now know I have enough leftover to do so. It’s a simple scarf I made up, 4 ridges garter stitch, 10 rows stockinette, 1 garter ridge(2 knit rows), lather, rinse, repeat, ending with 4 garter ridges. I kinda got carried with sometimes but I can fix the end at least.

Then there’s more spinning:

Green merino batt from Grafton Fibers, an Xmas gift from Val. It was so soft to hold and fondle. I simply pulled off lengthwise strips of fiber, predrafted a little and spun from that. One skein came out a bit darker/more concentrated than the other but I can live with that. NO idea what this will turn out to be, which is more of a problem πŸ™‚


Remember the mystery wool I dyed with Tamarind and Mango Kool Aid? This is it! A very thin 2-ply, straddling laceweight and fingering. Abigail made a Pi shawl with various different fibers she spun up and I’d like to try my hand at the same, so, This skein will be used towards that endeavor.

Then there’s this one:

I loved spinning this! It’s the wool with thrums I got at Rhinebeck from the Little Barn people. I love their prices and selection. I hope to be able to get more goodies from them in the future.
It’s becoming a 2-ply(there’s way more to ply, this is just the first hank!), and though I’ve yet to measure I’d estimate I have at least 700 yards by the time it’s done. (I hope!). I want to design my own shawl sometime this year and this is what I’ll use for it.

I’m bummed. The purple hat I said I’d make for SugarBoogers came out too small(gosh them kids have big heads!) Then I farked up the green scarf.. ugh.. It’ll get better. I promise.



9 responses to “That’s what I get…

  1. Lovely spinning there! I especially liked the wool with thrums! Bummer on the hat! Spin on!! πŸ™‚

  2. ooooh! I like the green!!

  3. Great yarn! It’s so cool that you’re spinning!

  4. The Multi-directional scarf I made for my mom out of spindle spun did the exact same thing with the gauge – you could so tell which side of the scarf was where I started the spindle (muich finer) and how the yarn got thicker as I was spinning up full cops. I still gave it to her – and she still loved it (till my step-sister accidentally left it behind in a restaurant!) It’s handmade – and not supposed to be perfect – at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

    Beautiful greens! Love it, love it, love it!

    And thanks for linking to me – glad I could give a little inspiration. I love mixing up yarns and textures in projects – used to do it a lot more than I have been lately – need to get back to it – really! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do with yours πŸ™‚

  5. That mystery yarn is gorgeous! What a wonderful rust color!

  6. Hi,
    I saw your blog on the New York City Knitters ring and thought you or your readers might be interested in my knitting group The Upper East Side Knitters. Visit our website to join. We meet Tuesday nights at the Starbuck on York Ave. and East 80th St from 7-9 pm.
    Take care!

  7. Hey dear,
    It’s all so beautiful! Seeing yarns like that really makes me want to start spinning. That green’s about my favorite color, too.

  8. You are always so productive!

    by the way – I wouldn’t rip out the scarf – if we wanted perfect, we would go and spend $2 at KMart! Appreciate the unneveness of the scarf, celebrate learning from doing and wear it with pride!

    You get more comments/compliments on a unique item that when asked you can actually say that you spun the yarn and then crafted the item. I love the color and think the scarf is gorgeous.

    Please post the shawl when you finish the thrummed fiber. It looks so soft and perfect to wear with everything.

  9. wow to your spinning!!! and I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!

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