Twisted Elegance(or, OOOH COOL!)

Today was another one of those days where I really enjoy spinning. This isn’t to say I usually hate spinning, but on this occasion I was very pleased with the resulting yarn.

This is some of the Brown Sheep millends that I dyed in red and green. I learned quickly that when you dye a fiber, it doesn’t necessarily STAY that color once you spin it. I’ve since learned how to fix that problem by making the dyes more concentrated. Each section of roving had a strip of black in it. I got some interesting shadings upon plying:

See that section in the middle? That ‘stained glass’ effect is the result of each single being a mini barberpole in itself. Each single is comprised of the black and which ever color I was spinning at that time. Plied together, it looks as if there are 4 strands, 2 black and two dyed. Neat, huh?

This is exactly why I want to get into blending fibers and colors. One thing I don’t like about the black/white roving from Sheepshed is that the mohair fibers are just thrown in, in a big blob. It’s not carded or blended with a hackle. It’s like they took a layer of black, white, and mohair and just slammed it together. I tried spinning the black strip separately and couldn’t really separate it without little bits of the white in it.. oh well.

Then there’s this:

7 little skeins of BFL I spun on my spindles last year. 8 oz worth. I think it’s going to be a scarf and hat set but I’m not sure. It’s a chunky-to-bulky yarn and I’m still trying to figure out if I can get both items out of it. It’s for a child so that shouldn’t be too hard.

See how nice??? morebfl

Also on the needles is a handspun hat for SugarBoogers to match her new coat. I’m making it from some lavender merino I got from the yarn tree and some of the plain white roving from SheepShed, that I dyed lavender and lime.

The Branching Out is coming along. My mind is reeling with the possibilities for that other skein of Lorna’s Laces. And the Knee Socks of Doom(Quilted Lattice socks) are in a short time out while I regroup. I’ve run out of the yarn and it’s discontinued. I’ve found what may be a suitable substitute and will try that in the coming days. The days of a warm Winter in NYC are over and I wanna crank this hat out first.

Stay Tuned for some really BIG news! 😉 (don’t start, girls…)



8 responses to “Twisted Elegance(or, OOOH COOL!)

  1. Bean’s gonna have a big round thing!!

    LMAO!! *runs and hides behind Miko*

  2. Oh, that is gorgeous!! I love all those colors! Go you! Your handspun on the spindle is lovely also, it looks so soft! 🙂

  3. Ooh, I think I know what the news is!

    Both of the yarns look great!

  4. Hey Beans,

    Don’t you just love when everything goes right with your spinning efforts. Yesterday, I sat down at Lucie, after what seemed the longest time. She showed me she missed me, by acting right. I”m all ready to sit down again today when I get off of the job. I’m glad you’re enjoying your spinning. It’s really therapeutic. I wish I’ve known just how much, sooner!


  5. I love the double barberpole effect.

  6. I keep looking at all the lovely (nay gorgeous), yarn you are working on and just keep thinking… I need to learn to spin. I really, really need to learn to spin. That yarn is fantastic!

    And I can’t wait for the big news too.

  7. Oh that handspun is beautiful! I don’t need to learn to spin… I just need to know someone who will spin for me! heehee… So… it’s been 3 days… what’s the big news???

  8. Love it!

    That really turned out great. It’s definitely what I love about spinning too. The possibilities are endless!

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