Handspun Galore! and Socks!

I promised you lovely people a pic of the farked Madge hat-cum-felted bowl.. here it is:

And here’s a close up shot:

It’s a bit on the flimsy side but, hey, it’s not like I’m gonna be eating out of it, right? I have since learned that perhaps I should have used a SINGLES to make this hat..WTF was I thinking???

Then there’s more handspun for ya. Behold!

The small black/white/lavendar is some merino colors I called myself blending with a homemade hackle.
It’s really just a hair pick held in place with a C clamp.. It didn’t really work all that well, because the tines are flimsy, but also the fiber I used wasn’t really well prepped for the occasion. I hope to get my hands on a real hackle before spring time so maybe I can try again at blending colors.

The bigger skein is some red merino singles I had laying around(OMG the horror!) plied with blackish-with-bits-of-grayish-green Finn singles. 108 yards of fingering weight.. I’d like to call this Black Forest Cake(thanx Betsy!). What’s so great about these two little skeins is they were BALANCED upon plying!! Wow! That’s a rare thing with my spinning. I usually have to resort to beating the wet yarn and odds were good that didn’t help much. But I was VERY pleased to see these yarns come out balanced.. I used a sort of backwards/longdraw type drafting method with the Finn and the merino was spindle spun ages ago.. so I think that helped with the overtwisting problem. Lookee:


As for socks.. I’m right about ready to add in the solid red yarn for the knee ribbing.


Everyone’s asking for a pattern for this sock. I should tell you that I’m not all that familiar with pattern writing but will try my best. All I really did was a toe up sock with a little stitch pattern on the top of the foot, a short row heel(where I DIDN’T use the sock trick mentioned in the previous sock post), and periodic increases in the leg, sufficient to fit my tree stumps. Give me some time and I’ll work something out.

Well, time to go.. got stew on the stove that needs tending!

Happy Knitting and Spinning!


6 responses to “Handspun Galore! and Socks!

  1. pretty pretty! all of it! I like it.

  2. OOhhh I ADORE the black forrest cake yarn!!!

  3. The Bellwether site has a mini hackle on sale for a tad over $30,,,,5″ long,,, as usual I am debating.

  4. Wow! I love those socks! Great work.

  5. Great madge bowl. I love the idea of using a hairpick as a hackle. And congrats on getting a balanced ply 🙂

  6. Well, love the bowl and the socks! As for the handspun, IMHO it is gorgeous! I love those colors, especially the red! Go you! 🙂

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