What’s New…(big pic/heavy post)

YAY. I’ve finally managed to get my $hit straight. A little. I’ve got the first FO of 2007 right here:


I don’t know what went wrong. Ok maybe I do. This is handspun Corriedale from wayyy back when I only used spindles. Navajo plied. Well, the pattern called for handspun so I decided it was time to use my handspun again. I’m guessing this yarn doesn’t drape as well. Then again the hat came out a little short so I might have needed bigger needles. I could have sworn I was on gauge!

So, since this fiber isn’t superwash I am going to felt it and make a little felted bowl. I’ve always wanted one of those, so now’s my chance.

A few days ago I started another Branching Out in some of the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport I got for Xmas:

Branching Out

So far, it’s going ok, as this pattern is a fun and easy knit. Quick too. The only thing really slowing me down is that I tend to get bored easily with some things and want to work on something else.

Speaking of bored, I think I’ve stumbled upon another knitting illness, but I don’t really have a name for it. I’d like to call it Stash Misalignment.

You know what I mean, when you run into nice patterns online or in books, and you go to look in your stash and you can’t seem to find anything that’ll work for them? I’m not talking about not having the exact yarn. I’m talking about suitable substitutes! This has happened time and again. Or I’ll go stash diving and pick something out and go bonkers trying to find a pattern to meet it. So much for the idea of knitting down my stash. I DO still refuse to add to it this year. At least with the exception of any fiber given free with my wheel purchase; when that happens.

More madness:

I tried my hand at taking a stitch pattern from off the ‘net and using it in a sock.. I took the quilted lattice stitch and used it thus:
quilted socks
Here’s a close-up: sock closeup

Nifty, huh? I had to finagle with the stitch count for it to work but it’s passable. It’s really busy too, what with the fine striping of the yarn. I think I’d better leave this stitch to a solid or something where the stripes will be thicker.

I even did a repeat of this one, but that didn’t last either.

Also on the needles, I was testing a short row heel trick told to me by Susann, and after consulting with her have arrived at this:
Right between the ‘wraps'(wrapped stitch short rows) is four rows of stockinette.

I was using this ‘sock trick’ to get rid of the gap that occurs on the sides of your sock after finishing a short row heel. I’d get these huges gaps that would need three or four stitches picked up to close.. it was a PITA. Susann came to my rescue and I goofed on this tester(you can’t see it in this pic) I know where I went wrong and can correct it. I won’t go into detail about the technique here, if you want to know more, just find me in Knittychat or email me. (sorry if I’m stealing the idea Susann, but I’d rather people didn’t pester you–like I did. hehe).

Basically that’s what I’ve been up to. Trying to get spun yarn off the bobbin to spin up some more; oh man the possibilities! I’ve recently come upon a DIY hackle tute that uses simple hair picks to work the fiber.. I got a few and all I need is some G-clamps to hold them in place so I can blend my own colors!! WEEEEEEEEEEEE

Happy Knit-and-Spin Year!


13 responses to “What’s New…(big pic/heavy post)

  1. Well your handspun bowl will be lovely! The B Out is gorgeous! But I have to say your socks are really awesome! Love the color and your stitch pattern! Go you! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey everything looks great tho! And so glad to hear your over being sick (at least I hope your over with it!)

    Would love to hear about the blending tute your talking about,, hey I even took my dog brushes out of the packages to try and get some practice in!

  3. The socks look great!

  4. A felted Madge bowl…I can’t wait to see it. I love the quilted slip stitch on the socks.

  5. ooh that sock is KP Sock Garden isn’t it? I have 4 hanks of that colorway. I think the quilted stitch actually looks pretty cool with it! Nice!

  6. I have the same stash problem. I must have the yarn on hand for all sweaters that I think I might sorta want to do at some time or not. haha, it is indeed a sickness.

    The socks look great.
    I do something similar with the heels on my socks. I like it much better.

  7. bean, stash misalignment is a way bigger problem that SABLE will ever be for me. what a good insight… and now i have a name for this problem.

    and i love the quilted lattice socks!

  8. Those are some rocking socks! πŸ™‚

  9. Heh heh, I hear what you’re saying. I do it all the time too.

    In particular I have a whole bunch of cotton-wool that never swatches to gauge. Ever. But I love it. sigh.

    Nice sockies though!

  10. can’t wait to see tha lace bowl!!!
    i love the socks!

  11. Ok – post the sock instructions! Please???

  12. So much to say, where to start? I knit the same hat out of spindlespun (Madge from Knitty, right?) but I used singles and it did okay (it is a bit short). I love the trellis socks! I have the exact same colorway from KnitPics in my stash! I’d love to steal your pattern but – are they stretchy enough?

  13. Hey, I want to know the sock trick! ((bounces impatiently))

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