Knitting…in both directions

Lots of knit-and-spin-bloggers have summed up their works for 2006. I don’t suppose this post will be in the same vein. I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I thought the past 12 months. Part of that is due to having picked up spinning as a new hobby. That was by far, my biggest challenge of the year, to learn to spin. And I did it! The next thing to do was to actually KNIT my handspun, and I did that. But what else is there?

So far, in my second, full year of knitting, I’ve knit:

Ella, Charlotte’s Web, and Icarus(shawls)
Pomatomus, Diamante, handdyed-handspun, Fuzzy Feet, Jaywalkers(socks)
Fake Isle, Cabled Newsboy Cap(hats)
Roxy(bag, complete with sewn lining!)
Various dishcloths(including several of the Garterlac cloths)
Branching Out(scarf)
Northern Lights(mittens!)
and I even managed to make a bunch of stitchmarkers!

I’ve learned:
to knit and purl backwards,
the figure 8 cast-on
2 circs knitting method
sewn bind-off
and even dabbled a little in combination knitting

What about 2007? I don’t even KNOW what I hope to accomplish. I’d like to get more into colorwork and cables. I’d like to do more tops/sweaters, and maybe this year will be the year I make something with the illusion knitting technique.

I’m off to a good start:
Already, 1 day into the year, I’ve learned to do the Norwegian purl! It’s a bit fiddly and I’m faster with the regular purling I’m used to, but it’s cute and it has it’s purpose. I’ll have to keep practicing it.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be back soon with pics, and more knitting insanity! Happy 2007!!


5 responses to “Knitting…in both directions

  1. Happy 2007 to ya too. May you continue to learn and take your crafting to that next level!


  2. I’d say 2006 was very productive for you. I hope 2007 is as good.

  3. Happy new year! And I agree, sounds like 2006 was very productive! Esp the spinning part! I’m sure 2007 will be just as fun, learning even more things. =)

  4. Whoa, that’s a big list! Happy 2007 to you- I hope it’s as productive a year for you as this last one was!

  5. YAY for all the accomplishments! It is great what you did…you should be proud!
    hope 2007 is a great year for you and your family ( and your knitting )

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