Spinning Knitties!

Fiber addict that I am, I followed Karen’s cue and dyed up some tops:

More of the millends from the SheepShed studio. I’ve already spun up some of the orangey red stuff, which is here:

My first thick’n’thin yarn! I haven’t measured the WPI yet but I was advised to measure three inch’s worth of the yarn and take the average of that as a result. The yardage is unknown as well. It was still a little damp in some places so I’ve hung it back up.

The other koolaid-ed fiber will also be spun up into thick’n’thin, as time allows. It will probably be a hat for someone who’s really helped me out a lot this year.

Speaking of fiber addicts, I met up with Karen, Tania(no blog), and Valerie at Tania’s place on Thursday for a spinning party! Between snacking, wine and good noodles( I had squid!!), we spun and knitted, and tried out Tania’s new Woollee Winder for her Schacht wheel. She still has the borrowed Kiwi that I got to try out and just like at Rhinebeck, there’s just something about the treadling that didn’t sit well with me.

I think the Reisling got to me, because I called myself plying more yellow and purple merino/wool/silk to get it off the bobbins and somehow managed to ply it in the SAME direction it was spun. I was just a-treadlin’ along, mindlessly. I even stopped to wonder WHY it was acting up on the bobbin.. After I got it off the niddy noddy, I realized my error. It shrank into a mess of twists like never before seen! Look!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh well. Learned my lesson, no tipsy spinning. I know. I could probably get it onto the swift, wind it into a center pull ball and spin it back the other way. Yeah, you try it.

I also tried to get my podcast down while in the company of such lovely ladies, but, somehow things didn’t pan out. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.


7 responses to “Spinning Knitties!

  1. Lovely spinning of your tops! The colors kool-aid can do still amazes me! Um..cool crown made from tipsy spinning.. 😉

  2. I LOVE the collours!!!
    and the little fiber tiara looks good on you! 😉

  3. Heyyyy, I think I saw you at Knitty City the other night!! Was that you?? :o)

    I refuse to learn to spin. But your tops are nice!

  4. I just love the red/orangy wool, it is gorgeous.


    I guess alcohol does not go whit the wheel is something to be generalized 😉

  5. You got a lovely crown out of the yarn, at least. The tops you dyed are lovely.

  6. Love the yarn hat Bean, you should market it as the next big thang.
    Maye part of your onstange ensemble for 900′ tapeworm?

  7. I had no idea Kool aid came in tamarind and mango flavors, those actually sound like things I’d drink, not to mention how absolutely gorgeous the colors came out!!

    As for the tipsiness. . .(sigh). . .being pregnant sort of precludes that entire state of being. . .but as happy as I am to forgo the alcoholic pleasures of a season for the sake of a healthy and happy baby, I still miss it!

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