Week in Review

Hmmm where to start. So much has gone on I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking:

I finally got around to dyeing that Fake Isle hat so I can gift it to hubby:

And this here’s the pic of my hands to prove how much I love this man. I know I should have used gloves. I threw my last pair out, because they didn’t fit well at all. I was doing fine til most of the dye ran AROUND the hat instead of it soaking up into the wool. So my dizzy ass pressed it and oops! my hands are blue! Oh well. That only lasted a day. By the next day most of it was gone. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then, there’s this:

Mystery wool I got from Karen.
I’m not sure how much it was but unlike most dyeing where I’d need about 4 packets of kool aid for 4 oz of fiber, I only used 1 each of Tamarind and Mango flavors. I mixed the two and then sprinkled some Tamarind onto the top in various places. After simmering in the oven for about 20-30 minutes on 250 I turned off the oven and let it cool. It’s still a bit greasy though. I’m carding it up little by little and this is the result so far:

I’m spinning this up with S-twist(counterclockwise). I plan to wind it into a center-pull ball and ply it back on itself. I’m loving the color gradient. I always wondered how people could use various colors while dyeing yarn in a big pan/pot.. I think I may have figured out one way.

On Friday I got to hang out at The Point for the relaunch party for Knit.1 magazine. We sipped wine, nibbled cheese and grapes and checked out a beautiful array of the pattern pieces from the premiere issue! After Knit.1 Editor-in-chief Adina Klein spoke to us, there were door prizes. And guess who won something!?

None other than yours truly! Well actually, what’s funny is, there were two books offered and Karen won the other one! We both got our books signed by Adina herself! Go us!
Knit.101 is a cute little how-to/pattern/light reference book featuring knitting AND crochet. I’d llike to think of myself as intermediate knitters but it’s such a cool book, so I’ll gladly add it to my collection of yarn craft books and mags!

After a while we left and headed on over to a cute little Mexican restaurant and got ourselves a late dinner and drinks!

Those were some big-ass glasses! Well for the price they better be. And they were souvenir glasses so I got them both! 🙂 Thanx K! I just want to add; the next time I get a drink with 151 in it, someone REMIND ME to STIR IT before sipping? All I can say is Woooooooooooo! Now that’s a FIRE! We’re definitely gonna have to pull a dinner-and-drinks-again!!

Well that’s it for this post. Stay tuned for another Beancast Episode, featuring a whole bunch of NYC Knitties!


8 responses to “Week in Review

  1. Great job on the hat, glad the blue didn’t stay too long! Yikes! Nice job on the fleece colors and spinning. That’s a lot of work! Yay for prizes too! Looks like you two had fun! 🙂

  2. love the hat bean!
    mmh dinner and drinks! wish I would live closer!

  3. How fun! Looks like you guys had a great time! And winning a book, excellent.

    Blue hands! Exhaust that dye baby!

  4. A very nice hat you made there dearie. And yeah… blue stained fingers certainly equals love. Remind me some day to tell you about how I got orange paint on my underwear, for love. (And no it’s not a naughty story!) 😉

    Holy crap they made it with 151?! I’m shocked you were able to walk afterwards…

  5. The hat is great.
    Didn’t you know that blue fingers are all the rage these days?

    Holy cow are those drinks big! Just one of those would have me dancing on the tables. Yeah, not a pretty thought.

  6. that hat IS terrific! i’m sure your hubby will appreciate all that love into that project (including the blue fingers). and your drink glasses are starting to make me thirsty, i could use a martini or two… =D

  7. that mystery wool looks great! Your spinning is looking fab.

  8. I absolutely adore how the hat came out/ Did DH like it??? Do we get modeled shots?

    The party looked like fun. Congrats on winning the book. I consider myself a decnet knitter but still enjoy beginner books. Sometimes I learn a tip or three. It also reminds me of what it’s like to be a learning knitter, thus making me a better teacher.

    Happy New Year, T!

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