“…Shiny Yellow, Purple too…”

I hadn’t planned on plying these two colors when I bought the fibers. However, after discovering a new-found ability to spin top straight on, instead of ‘from the fold’, I decided to try plying my lovely new worsted singles. Problem: the colors didn’t match. Or did they?

You tell me. I like the lavendar/sun yellow combo enough to ply them and make some (you guessed it) socks! Shame on me. I’m still not ready to try and spin thicker singles.

The lavendar is Ashland Bay Merino 64s; the bright-ass yellow is a blend of unknown wool/silk. I saw it at Rhinebeck(there’s that word again!), and couldn’t resist. If you remember that bright lime green I got from there as well, I promise not to ply it with some outrageous color. (Besides, it’s wool/alpaca/silk. I can’t imagine what else I COULD ply it with anyway).

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Those are the singles. I just need to spin up some more of the lavendar and we’ll be on a roll.

Remember the black/white millends?

I knew what I was getting into, but I didn’t realize it would be so mohair-y. This fiber spins up ok(‘ok’ is going to be used ALOT around here, since I’m no pro at judging fibers–either it’s ‘ok’ or it sucks majorly), but the mill ends will definitely be used to practice spinning thicker.

Forgive the lack of knitting content; this will likely continue until after Christmas because most if not all of my current knitting is for gifts.



9 responses to ““…Shiny Yellow, Purple too…”

  1. I like them plyed together. I think they will make lovely socks. 🙂 YOU go.. now you need to ask F for a sheep for christmas, to supply you with the fiber to spin with, and you’ll be all set.. the spinning, dying, knitting queen Bean! (no you can’t have my owl, but maybe I’ll make another one)

  2. I like it…I think it will make excellent socks!


  3. I think the purple and yellow look great together! I’d make some ankle socks for running around the house in. 🙂

  4. I also think those colors look good together. Very pretty.

  5. Beautiful!

  6. That’ll make great socks! Nice spinning.

  7. Love the red yarn!
    and purple and yelow do go together….very nice I like it

  8. I like it together. I really do!

  9. They look nice together! Are you making friends with the Joy yet? 🙂

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